We just received these photos from Kaitlin Rogers Photography. They are amazing and we couldn’t wait to share them with ya’ll. Megan and Kolt were such a fun couple to have at Gruene Estate and their day was perfect! It is hard to put our finger on it, but there was something about the day that just made it extra special. There was an authenticity to the wedding that made the moments extra sweet. After looking through the pictures, we couldn’t help but point out some of the design elements and details to help plan your Hill Country wedding.

Kaitlin Rogers Photography

Capture That Perfect Pose

Capturing the right photos on your wedding day is a must do. How do you do that in an efficient way? There is a limited amount of time to get the job done. Arrive on your wedding day with a shot list of your must have poses. This requires pre planning on your part. Communicate before hand with your photographer on your must have shots. Pre-wedding coordination is important because your photographer will be able to capture the organic photos that occur along the way!

We love this shot of Kolt and Megan in front of Gruene Estate’s chapel in Gruene. The golden hour light and composition is just right and well planned.

Kaitlin Rogers Photography

Gruene Estate Bridal Suite Prep

Make sure you have everything you need in your bridal suite. Ensure that you are well organized. Use your time and bridal space to create a stress free pre-wedding process. A few things that every bride should have in their bridal suite includes: drinks, light snacks, extra coat hangers, great lighting, emergency sewing kit, and a portable fan in the summer.

Gruene Estate’s bridal suite has a three way full length mirror. Natural lighting from our floor to ceiling windows provides a well lit space. Brides can get a good perspective of all angles of their dress. Pre-wedding quality control is a huge step in prepping process.

Kaitlin Rogers Photography

Mimosas Please

Don’t forget to have fun on your wedding day. Pre-wedding bridal suite drinks are part of that equation. You will be getting ready morning to mid morning. Mimosas are a solid choice for bridal suite beverages. Mimosas are light, fresh, and have vitamin C to help you through out the day. Spread the drinks out over the day to minimize the effect on you. A good rule is to drink one cup of water for every alcoholic beverage consumed. Stay away from hard liquor such as bourbon, whiskey, or vodka until after the ceremony.

Kaitlin Rogers Photography

Gruene Estate Farm Table Design

Farm tables are a key element of gorgeous visual design. Long rows of connected farmhouse tables are popular because they create a gorgeous visual effect. The natural look draws attention as soon as guests enter the reception area. Maximize this effect by designing one long continuous centerpiece that runs down the middle of the entire row. If using more than one row, mirror the effect on adjacent rows.

One of the easiest ways to do this is to use a statement runner than extends the entire length and hangs off each free end. Gruene Estate has incredibly beautiful hand made farm tables for all of our brides to use. These are one of kind tables that create that stunning visual effect as guests arrive to the party.

Kaitlin Rogers Photography

Give Them Guidance

Megan and Kolt’s wedding party looks smashing standing in Gruene Estate’s open air chapel. The deep color hues and mix and match bridesmaids dresses are gorgeous. The guys look equally stunning in their coordinated suites. Most brides already have an idea and vision for what their wedding party will wear. What about everybody else? They will be in photos too. Consider giving clothing guidelines to the dads, ushers, usherettes, readers, and grandparents.

Megan and Kolt’s wedding day was personal and special. The attention to details shine through in their photographs. Well thought out design elements made for the perfect wedding day. If you are thinking about getting married, and are looking for a wedding venue in New Braunfels or Gruene, send us a message. We would love to help make your wedding dream come true!