It’s engagement season!  You know, that time of the year when friends and families gather for the holidays and it is the perfect time to “pop the question”.  The execution of the engagement plan is critical, and the location of where you get engaged is an important part of the equation.  New Braunfels and Gruene are a major travel and wedding destination.  Whether you are an old local or visiting tourist, there are lots of beautiful back drops to ask that special someone to marry you.  Here are just a few of our favorite New Braunfels’ best engagement proposal locations (there’s one in Gruene too).

Gruene Hall and The Mansion

Obviously, Gruene Hall stands out as one of the best places in the Texas Hill Country to do a surprise wedding engagement.  Gruene Hall is dripping in charm, history, and beauty.  Many of Gruene Estate’s wedding couples have met or went on a date to Gruene Hall.  The building means so much to so many.  What you probably don’t know, is that Gruene Mansion is right next to Gruene Hall.  This is the historic Gruene family mansion, and is a little more off the beaten path then Gruene Hall.  We recommend stopping at Gruene Hall first.  Have a beer, listen to live music, or just hang out in the beer garden.  Casually walk next door and enjoy the well-manicured grounds of Gruene Mansion.  You can even sit on the front porch and enjoy it like the Gruene’s use to.  This is the perfect place for a proposal, and you get the added advantage of photos in front of both Gruene Hall and Gruene Mansion.

The Plaza

One of the best places in New Braunfels for an impromptu wedding engagement proposal is right in the heart of downtown.  New Braunfels Historic Plaza and round about is a romantic evening spot and one of the best engagement locations in New Braunfels.  This is a great spot for a surprise engagement. Enjoy a romantic dinner at Myron’s Steakhouse or the Huisache Grille.  Stroll through downtown New Braunfels to one of many of our great bars.  Sidecar is our favorite and has an intimate speakeasy atmosphere. Next walk towards downtown and stop at the historic plaza.  New Braunfels’ founders took a decidedly European approach to laying out their new settlement. Unlike many Texas towns, the courthouse faces the marktplatz rather than standing in the middle – the open plaza with a bandstand gazebo celebrates the German-Texan spirit of independence. It is small town romantic and the huge pecan trees and gorgeous Comal County courthouse make for the perfect backdrop.

Faust Street Bridge

Most people think of the river when they think of New Braunfels and Gruene.  One the best New Braunfels Engagement proposal locations is the Faust Street Bridge.   Built in 1887, this impressive Whipple Truss Bridge towers high above the Guadalupe River in New Braunfels. Scorched in a fire more than 20 years ago, the majestic structure now carries pedestrians and bicyclists.  It has tons of historic charm, and the views of the Guadalupe River are absolutely beautiful. 

Cypress Bend Park

Our final New Braunfels engagement proposal location is a well-kept secret location and often visited only by locals.  While lots of visitors to town are familiar with Landa Park, New Braunfels’ lesser know park called Cypress Bend Park offers gorgeous Guadalupe River access with stunning cypress trees.  We love Cypress Bend Park as a New Braunfels Engagement proposal location for two reasons: there is less traffic and it is the ideal place for a pre-engagement picnic. There is a massive open lawn that gently slopes down to the river and an abundance of hundred-year-old cypress trees that make for a perfect backdrop.  Cypress Bend Park is romantic, easy to find privacy, and beautiful!

New Braunfels and Gruene have an abundance of locations that are ideal for a surprise engagement proposal.  Whether you choose to ask that special someone to marry you at the historic dance hall or down by the river, the location that you choose is a major part of the plan.  We hope our New Braunfels Engagement location tips will help you plan that special moment. 

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