Is your wedding coming up and you’ve yet to pick a flower girl? Maybe it is because there are too many cute little girls in your family and circle of friends to choose just one! Or maybe it’s because the little girl you have in mind isn’t, well, little. There is nothing that says a flower girl has to be under a certain age, but it might not seem natural to see a five-foot twelve-year old tossing petals from a quaint, wicker basket.

An Important Role

At a celebration as important as your wedding, it’s the person holding the role of flower girl that matters more than what the girl, little or not, is actually doing. So start by choosing a girl (or two or three) that play a special role in your life, or your groom’s, and go from there. Too often brides choose little girls they hardly know based solely on the fact that they seem the “right” age to toss petals. Maybe a distant cousin has a three-year-old, but if said three-year-old has never met you, is it really going to be that special watching her walk down the aisle in wedding videos and photographs on your big day?

You have to ask yourself if having the traditional look of petals being tossed is more important than having a connection or bond to the girl (whatever the age) that prepares your guests for the big star of the aisle that day: you!

If you know of an older young lady, a tween perhaps, that you’d like to honor with the role, there are plenty of other things she can do besides toss petals.

Other Then Flowers

One idea is to find a flat, open-ended basket and instead of petals, fill it with actual stemmed flowers. Ask her to walk elegantly down the aisle looking for women sitting on the ends. When she passes a female guest, gift the guest with an actual flower! It can make for a gorgeous picture to see close friends and family on the aisle end holding your symbolic flower of the day! And it’s a charming surprise to be handed a flower when you least expect it!

Balloons Are Fun

For an outdoor wedding, a bouquet of balloons could be fun! There are so many gorgeous balloon options these days—from beautiful hues, to glitter to clear with detail inside. There is something very whimsical and joyful about a bundle of balloons. Maybe this is just the thing to set the mood for your big day!

Show Me Your Sign

Is the theme of your big day a little more on the fun side, say Sparkle and Hay or Boho Chic? Then kick off the bold atmosphere from the start. Pick yourself a flower girl with some personality and have her carry a cute sign that reads “Wait ‘til you see her!” She could accompany this with a sweet smile or maybe even more fun, a wide-eyed, mouth agape expression like she just saw you in your gown herself and is warning everyone: you are GORGEOUS!

No matter the theme, our historic outdoor chapel will be the perfect setting for you and whoever you choose to be a part of your day is special. So, when it comes to the flower girl, choose someone based on your relationship with her, not strictly on age. As we’ve seen here, there is lots more a girl can do than toss petals!