Trying to plan a wedding can be overwhelming.  Much of the information is new to many brides.  For most brides this is a new experience.  Having some insider information to help the process flow smoother is key to planning to your day. 

New Braunfels is not Austin or San Antonio, in fact, it is so much more.  Our small-town charm, gorgeous rivers, amazing wedding vendors, and centralized location make us one of the top wedding destinations in the State of Texas and the country.  Here are a few tips on how to efficiently plan your New Braunfels Wedding. 

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It’s All About The Benjamins

Always start with your budget.  The wedding budget can get out of control very quickly.  Take a look at your finances and ask yourself these questions: What do I have to have for my wedding? What vendors would be considered extra?  How much of the budget are we willing to pay for with credit?  Do we want to have more guests and less vendors, or would we like to have more vendors and fewer guests?

At Gruene Estate, all of our wedding packages come with tables, chairs, and an entire array of in-house wedding décor.  This is a huge money saver for brides.  Couples can take that money and spend it on other New Braunfels wedding vendors to elevate their wedding.

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The Path Less Traveled

One way to maximize your wedding experience is to give the ceremony lots of attention.  This part of the wedding that is often over looked and underutilized.  The wedding ceremony is a fabulous place to make your wedding day personalized and memorable.  These are touch points that don’t cost extra money, but require a little creativity. 

Gruene Estate’s open-air chapel is gorgeous and one of kind, so you won’t need extra décor.  Focus on unique ceremony traditions: light a unity candle, have a friend be the minister, tie the god’s knot, or hand fasting just to name a few!

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Wedding Planning Should Be FUN!!!

Embrace the wedding planning process.  Family dynamics can be hard, weddings are an opportunity to set the tone and pace on how you and your husband are going to navigate life together.  Issues like family/religious customs, expectations, obligations and the blending of families, are all paths that must be figured out and navigated appropriately.  The wedding planning process is an opportunity to embrace the adventure and start your family off on the right track.

Our recommendation is that during the planning process, organize a weekend getaway to New Braunfels or Gruene with both sets of parents.  Involve everybody in the wedding planning process. Give both sides of the family ownership in the planning process.  Gruene Mansion is a great place to base camp from.  Become familiar with all that New Braunfels and Gruene have to offer brides and grooms!

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Go With The Flow

Gruene Estate is located directly between New Braunfels and San Antonio.  This gives any prospective wedding couple an array of vendor options when planning their New Braunfels wedding.  There are lots of wedding vendors to choose from.  This can be stressful.  In our experience the bride and grooms that handle the wedding planning process the best are the ones that make a decision and then just move forward.  Make informed, swift decisions and then enjoy your wedding day!

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Less Rules = More Fun

Couples get caught up in the rules for weddings.  There are no rules for weddings, maybe some loosely held traditions.  We have seen it all: A Disney themed wedding, steampunk themed wedding, culturally inspired traditional Indian wedding, and even a cat themed wedding.  Make your wedding, your wedding.  There is no right or wrong answer to how a wedding should look.  It can be something simple like getting rid of the first dance, or having a guest hold cat mask up as nod to your favorite pet for a group picture.

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We have seen it all at Gruene Estate and we are happy to say that all our weddings are unique and beautiful.  Our one rule/recommendation when planning your day is never have a cash bar at a wedding.  People arrive at your wedding expecting two things: they expect to have a meal provided and to have alcohol provided free of charge as well. 

Efficiently planning your New Braunfels wedding is important so you can maximize your wedding planning fun!  Although wedding planning is a new experience and there is a ton of information for brides and grooms, our insider wedding tips for planning your New Braunfels wedding will help you through the process.  We want to hear more about what you are planning, send us an email and tell us more about your wedding vision.  We would love to help you through the wedding process!