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Thinking about having a Wedding in New Braunfels? Here’s your Guide.

Five Common Wedding Questions

Gruene Estate is a leader in the Texas Hill Country wedding industry for the last decade. While we get many different brides from many different places, we have found that through the years, they ask many of the same wedding related questions. We strive to help our brides and…

Recipes and Printables to Enjoy a Spa Day at Home

There’s no doubt that wedding planning is a huge undertaking that can leave you feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and exhausted — especially as we head into the holiday season. You definitely deserve a break, and a spa day at home is the perfect way to refresh and destress.

Adapting Your Wedding Décor for an Alternate Season!

Covid 19 has changed the world we live in. This is true for the wedding industry. Weather you are getting married at Gruene Estate or a different Texas hill country wedding venue, lots of couples have had to rebook or push their dates further into the future. This is stressful for brides that have made décor decisions. How do you transition and adapt your wedding décor and color palettes to fit another season? We’re going to give you some wedding planning tips and tricks to overcome these challenges.

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