Choosing your dream wedding dress is a unique and special process. Many brides have been dreaming about it since childhood. Others might have just started to consider their wedding gown options. Your gown will most likely be the most expensive garment that you will ever purchase. Most brides have never tried a wedding gown on. It can feel overwhelming as to where to start the wedding gown shopping process: different cuts, fabric materials, and of course wedding styles to consider. Gruene Estate’s guide on choosing your dream wedding gown will help you navigate some the difficulties of choosing your dream wedding dress.

Choose the Right Bridal Shop

We cannot stress this enough: choose a reputable bridal shop when choosing a gown. It is so important to have some professional help and expertise to point you in the right direction when choosing your wedding dress. These days, there is a temptation to buy a gown online. We highly recommend that you DO NOT do this. Not only can bridal shops give you style tips, find wedding cuts that fit you, and provide first class tailoring and alterations, they can also provide a fun experience.

Celebrations Bridal and Prom in downtown New Braunfels is a staple in the Texas wedding industry. They have been helping brides choose their dream wedding gown for over 33 years. Celebrations provides special V.I.P. fitting sessions by appointment. Take eight of your besties to the bridal lounge and meet one on one with a bridal specialist, sparkling cider, snacks, and your own playlist. Gown shopping is the perfect excuse to get some quality #bridetribe time.

Do Your Homework

Pinterest, magazine pages, and inspiration from other friends weddings are all great places to find some wedding inspiration. It doesn’t matter where you get it from, just make sure you research gowns prior to your bridal appointment. Have an idea of the lingo and wedding dress cuts that you think will work for you. You are most likely only going to do one fitting, so save some time and have some direction when you arrive at the bridal store. Also, look at all your gown inspiration and see if there are any common themes between them. Is there a particular neckline that stands out to you? Do you seem to gravitate toward lace? Find some commonalities and go from there.

Just Three Adjectives

Choosing three adjectives to describe your dream wedding dress will help you focus your wedding gown search. Romantic, modern, boho, elegant, laid back or rustic, zero in on three words that describe your dream wedding dress. Narrowing down your wedding gown vibe will make choosing that gown so much simpler.

Try Gowns On

Trust your wedding gown consultant. Show up with an open mind and try on a few styles that you think do NOT fit you. Often times, gowns look much different on the body then they do on the rack. If your consultant suggest a gown that is inconsistent with your vibe, try it on to see if it works. You never know, you might find something that fits you perfectly.

Bring Underwear

While often overlooked and forgotten, bringing different undergarments is essential to getting the right fit for you wedding gown. Trying on strapless gowns while wearing a standard bra won’t give you the correct fit. Also, hip hugging wedding dresses fit much differently on smooth skin rather then over underwear. Essential gear that should be brought along include: Spanx. thong underwear, and strapless bra. This way, no matter what style wedding gown you try on, you’ll be covered.

Choosing your dream wedding dress is a fun and magical experience! Choosing the right bridal store, doing some research, and of course trying on lots of gowns will help you narrow down your wedding dress choice. Enjoy the experience and find that dress that is perfect for you!

Photos: Beth Aubrey Photography