Embrace The Change

Covid 19 has changed the world we live in.  This is true for the wedding industry.  Whether you are getting married at Gruene Estate or a different Texas hill country wedding venue, lots of couples have had to rebook or push their dates further into the future.  This is stressful for brides that have made wedding décor decisions. How do you transition and adapt your existing décor and color palettes to fit another season?  We’re going to give you some wedding design tips adapt your wedding décor to a alternate season.

Adapting Your Color Pallete

If you have already chosen your wedding color palette, don’t panic!   The good news is every color palette can be adapted and changed.  Trying to make pastels fit a fall or winter wedding can seem like a challenge.  Pastels are associated with spring weddings.  However, add some well-placed earth tones or metallic accents to make those pastel wedding colors blend right in.  

At Gruene Estate, we have seen our brides us metallics in a variety of creative ways.  Using a floral metallic sash on your wedding dress is a fun and easy way to incorporate this idea into your wedding day.  If you want more contrast, sequenced bridesmaids’ dresses are a popular and easy option. Sequins add flash to both your wedding day photos and create contrast between you and your bridesmaids at the wedding alter.  With these minor changes, nobody will know that you planned differently for an alternate season.

A Few Décor Secrets

Regardless of whether or not you have pre-purchased your wedding décor, making some subtle changes will help you blend your current décor choices with whatever season your wedding is in.  Greenery is key.  Fall, winter, spring or summer, greenery is budget friendly, available, and not going out of style.  Hang it from Gruene Estate’s chandeliers.  Greenery is ideal for making textured table runners to blend décor choices and create whimsical atmosphere.

In addition to greenery, Gruene Estate also has a deep collection of in-house décor that is rustic (included with all wedding packages).  Brides favor rustic décor because it is versatile and fits many different types of venues and can be used in alternate season.  Couples often use our hand cut wooden chargers to create center pieces.  In addition, our rustic storm lanterns and mercury glass votives create contrast and layers in centerpieces.  Adapting to the seasons with these simple tricks makes those design decisions easy. All you have to do is make small tweaks to your floral arrangements colors to bring it all together.

Create That Atmosphere

Gruene Estate is an open-air wedding venue.  We take advantage of the beauty of New Braunfels and the rolling pastures of the Texas Hill Country to create a gorgeous venue.  Regardless of what wedding venue you choose, set the tone by adding special touches.  Add candles to your event.  Candles are great for any season: they catch guest’s eye, they add ambiance, and above all else they are super romantic.  This is also an opportunity to add scents to the event space in a subtle way.  Strategically placed candles in center pieces or guest favors like lavender perfumed sachets are wonderful ways to incorporate seasonal fragrances. 

Enjoy Your Day

Although covid 19 has altered wedding plans, minor adjustments to your wedding design can help you adapt to whatever season you have your wedding in.  Changes in your color pallete, table décor and the use of greenery all ways to achieve the right balance and tone for wedding. No matter how choose to adapt your décor and style to the season, remember to enjoy your day, have fun, and your guest will love it too!