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Saying ” I Do” on your wedding day is a special moment. Moving in together as a married couple signifies you are now one. The next big step in the wedding process is moving in together. In our last post, we talked about items that you and your husband need to consider when purchasing a new home together. How should you prepare as a married couple to move into together? If you have never lived with someone else, especially of the opposite sex, it can be an adjustment. Being prepared for your move in together is important to starting your marriage on the right track. Here are a few points to consider when making that transition as a newlywed couple.

Moving in Together – Learning New Things

While it is true you know your partner, be prepared to learn more. This is a process that should never stop, and it is so much fun to get to know someone on a deeper level. Don’t be surprised to learn that he doesn’t make the bed, he leaves his clothes on the floor, or perhaps he doesn’t like watching the Bachelor as much as you do. That is ok. The important part is that you are open and honest about what bothers you and you talk about it. Go into the move expecting there to be a transitional time of adjustments. Embrace the differences and work on them as a couple.

Let Her Nest

This is specifically for the guys. Create a space that reflects your personality as a couple, but make sure to give your wife plenty of space to “nest”. Nesting is an instinct and it is stronger in some woman then others. Your input is important, but allowing her room to create a home should be priority number one in establishing your new home as a married couple. Discuss it up front and create a budget that will allow her to make design changes that fit her style. Create spaces that are comfortable for both of you. When you are done making that new home, make it official with a house warming party. Invite friends and family in to enjoy the new joint space.

Talk Money

You should have this conversation before you say “I do”. If you didn’t, not to worry it is never too late. Finances and money can be a stressful point of contention in relationships. Talk about budgets, set aside money for the move, create a system to pay bills, and talk about your future goals and desires. Make sure you open up a joint checking account, so you can share managing duties. Being open about financial expectations and having a plan will make that move in transition much smoother.


Moving in together as a married couple means that you are combining two households. Moving is the perfect time to downsize on unwanted and extra belongings. You don’t need two sets of cooking utensils. Remember to ask your spouse for their opinion on what will fit and what won’t. Be sensitive to each other needs, as parting with belongings can be emotionally difficult.

Separate But Equal

It sounds weird, but continue to make time for yourself outside of married life. Your going to be living together 24/7. Set time apart for yourself and continue to enjoy your hobbies. Time apart is normal, and having some to yourself will make it even more sweet when you return home. Spend time with your girlfriends, go for a hike, and don’t forget to continue to nurture those unique hobbies and goals that make you you. Encourage him to do the same.

Moving in together is a fun and exciting time. Creating a home as a married couple signifies two becoming one. Communicating expectations, discussing money management, and learning new things about one another is part of the journey. Being prepared for this important step, will make the transition of living together so much easier.

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