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Engagement season is an exciting time. Capturing photos of you and your significant other is an important part of the engagement process. Gruene Estate is always available for engagement photo sessions. However, there are so many beautiful places in Gruene and New Braunfels to capture memorable imagery. As life long locals, we want to give you “brides to be” some insider information on New Braunfels Engagement Photo Locations.

Faust Street Bridge

Allison Jeffers Photography

Faust Street Bridge is a popular New Braunfels Engagement photo location. Built in 1887, this impressive Whipple Truss Bridge towers high above the Guadalupe River in New Braunfels. As a result of a fire, the majestic structure was rebuilt and now carries pedestrians and bicyclists.

Gruene Hall and The Town of Gruene

Diaz and Diaz Photography

The town of Gruene, built by H.D. Gruene, the son of Ernst and Antoinette Gruene, and founders of the Gruene Estate historic farm, is home to Texas’ oldest dance hall. Gruene Hall’s white wood exterior, unique history, and authentic beauty of the building makes for a gorgeous photo session.

There are other nice backgrounds to choose from in the town of Gruene. Besides Gruene Hall, many original structures from the town’s heyday still exist. First, there’s the Gruene Family Home, a Victorian-style B&B built in 1872 which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and today operates as the Gruene Mansion Inn. Second, a historic water tower rises above Gruene Hall, and finally there are many other buildings at the heart of the district that have been renovated into shops and restaurants. There are so many wonderful textures to choose from: historic red brick walls, garden areas with old live oaks, and lots of old wooden buildings. There are a lot of beautiful backdrops for your New Braunfels engagement photo shoot.

New Braunfels Coop

The coop is a special building in the heart of downtown New Braunfels. One of few art deco style buildings in downtown, it still operates as a working coop. Furthermore, the structure is old and worn in a beautiful way, so features a nice contrast between authenticity and beauty. White walls with well placed splashes of blue, old silos and industrial equipment set the tone for this location.

Cypress Bend Park and The Guadalupe River

Olvera Photography

A New Braunfels engagement photo session isn’t complete without a few engagement photos at the river. While lots of couples head to the crossing at Gruene, there is another spot that is also beautiful in the heart of New Braunfels. Cypress Bend Park on the banks of the Guadalupe is a picture perfect spot for an engagement photo session. As the name implies, the park is a bend in the River and the banks are lined with ancient bald cypress trees. This spot can be very busy on the weekends, and bank fisherman and kayakers often go for the photo bomb. Go early or during a weekday to find the best spot for uninterrupted photo shoots.

New Braunfels Golf Course

This last well kept secret for New Braunfels engagement photo session location is Landa Park Golf Course. A spring fed creek and ancient pecan trees create a photogenic vibe. Focus on the area between the golf course parking lot and the spring fed pool. Park in the designated parking areas opposite of the golf course parking lot. Ecologically protected, most days it is vacant. It is a beautiful spot and it is not to be missed.

No matter where you choose to have your New Braunfels engagement photo session, our guide will provide some local knowledge. New braunfels has something for every couple: river shots, industrial art deco buildings, and historic dance halls. We would love to hear more about your wedding goals. Shoot us an email and let’s discuss some wedding options that will work for you!

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