Gruene Estate is a leader in the Texas Hill Country wedding industry for the last decade. While we get many different brides from many different places, we have found that through the years, they ask many of the same wedding related questions. We strive to help our brides and couples educate themselves on wedding related topics. Here are five common wedding questions and answers that brides ask us.

Common Wedding Questions

Do I Need A Wedding Coordinator?

Coming into your wedding day prepared and organized makes your event a lot less stressful.  At Gruene Estate, all of our full wedding packages come with a day of wedding coordinator.  You’ll receive a pre-wedding consultation and walk through as well as a day of timeline.  In addition, our coordinators can connect you with some of the best wedding vendors in the San Antonio and Austin area.

Common Wedding Questions

Do I Need To Include Wedding Traditions?

Your wedding your way! Brides often ask if they should include traditional customs and etiquette in their wedding day: the garter toss, veil or no veil, what about the popular first look?  The bottom line is this: it’s your day, so do it your way.  Make sure that you take family feelings into consideration.  Outside of that, let the event represent you and partners personalities.  Guest’s will leave the wedding reception remembering the special touches that were yours alone.

Common Wedding Questions

How Soon Should I Start Looking For A Dress?

The most fun part of the wedding experience, is the shopping leading up to your wedding day.  Gruene Estate brides often want to know how soon they should start looking for their wedding gown.  The answer is, it’s never too soon.  Depending on your designer, it could take anywhere from 4 to 9 months to receive the finished product.  If you aren’t engaged, start looking through wedding magazines and Pinterest to get a general idea on style and cut.  As soon as he pops the question, head over to Celebrations Bridal and Prom and start shopping!

Common Wedding Questions

How Are Cakes Typically Priced?

While we are not bakers ourselves, as a venue we interact with lots of different wedding vendors.  One question we are asked a lot is:  how to bakers price their cakes? Most often, wedding cakes are priced on a per-person basis.  If you are in a metropolitan area or prices are typically higher.  On average the cost per person will be between $4-$15 per guest.  The cost rises with the amount of labor and intricacy involved in the design.  A great option for a cost effective cake, is a plain cake adorned with fresh flowers.  Make sure you are using pesticide free organic flowers.  our top choice is locally grown flowers by 7Haus Flowers

Common Wedding Questions

Should We Have Assigned Seating?

There are pros and cons to having assigned seating at your event. Assigned seating adds a touch of elegance and organization on your wedding day.  The con is the stress of creating a seating charts the extra energy in figuring out who sits by whom.  This can be stressful when it comes to family and social dynamics.  At Gruene Estate, we see both options utilized on a regular basis.  

While there are many different aspects to planning a wedding, these five questions and answers are common to brides and couples. Hopefully, we Gruene Estate can be part of your wedding day! Check out our social media links for more Hill Country Wedding Inspiration.

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