There are so many benefits to “keeping it local” when it comes to your big day! We’ve all heard of this concept of supporting your local farmer, shopping at your neighbor’s boutique and choosing a nearby pest control guy over a large franchise. But how can this motto carry over into your wedding day to make it even more meaningful and less stressful?

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Keep It Local, It’s Affordable

For starters, it can be less pricey! Small, local businesses are likely to negotiate prices with you. You’ll also notice more give and take when it comes to options. Dealing with an owner directly and going over your must-haves and desires will be much more satisfying than emailing with a large corporation about such important details! Have you always wanted your wedding photos to display the historic Gruene Hall in the background? Do it up right by having a local photographer, possibly one from nearby New Braunfels, snap your lovely pics!

Carly Barton Photography

Grow Those Roots Deeper

In addition to the cost savings, keeping aspects of your wedding local is simply a nice way to honor where you and/or your fiancé grew up. The budding town of New Braunfels, with nearby tourist-spot Gruene, TX are both meccas of small, local businesses that are eager to please and be a part of special milestones like weddings! From florists, to musicians, small bakeries to family-owned tailors, you can easily check all the boxes without needing help from afar! You’ll appreciate the quick response time when you need to get in touch about a new detail or ask a vital question. Likewise, your local business owners will be so grateful for the business they’ll put their all into making your special day all the more amazing!

Carly Barton Photography

Top Notch Local Vendors

Another great plus of keeping it local is that it allows for some extra creativity! No need to pay a big wig company to cater your big day. Just call a few local food trucks and work out a deal with them! It will be amazing, homemade food and will have your guests talking about the fun atmosphere and laid- back style they’re sure to enjoy! Rather than utilizing a nation-wide floral company, support and promote the corner florist- ask for a deal if you’re willing to put her contact info on your wedding programs! Speaking of programs, see if a college student in your neighborhood has the graphic design skills to design yours rather than ordering some from online!

The possibilities are endless, and you’ll feel so good “keeping it local,” that one idea will quickly spawn another! As New Braunfels and Gruene’s premier wedding venue, we’d love to hear more about your wedding plans. Contact us below and tells us more about your wedding day! Booking tours now!