You have done it! One week away from marrying your handsome fiancé! With all of the planning and organizing the last few months, it is crucial you first take a deep breath, followed by a calming run through your week before the wedding checklist. This will ensure you have everything set in stone and avoid forgetting anything last minute. Your charming rustic wedding awaits! Follow these few key tips and you will be well on your way down the aisle to your lover and shortly after setting sail off to your beautiful honeymoon destination! Keep in mind you did select one of the top wedding venues in Texas, where our highly equipped team is here to help and guide you every step of the way.

Clear Your Work To-Do List

Your mind has been far away from work and with your dream wedding celebration only a week away, your mind has been everywhere but work. Sit down with your best co-worker and make sure you have ironed out all your tasks. You will want to be sure you are set free from work for the wedding weekend. The very last thing you want to be thinking about is any pending tasks or that client you know you just have to get back with.

Meet with Your Wedding Coordinator

At Gruene Estate we have an experienced, professional wedding coordinator that is here to assist you every step of the way. Get together with your wedding coordinator and do a “run of show” once more so everything runs smoothly.  Perhaps you thought of a last-minute detail you would like to be sure is seen to. This is the time to lock in every single detail and know what to expect from the moment you arrive on the property for your big day!

Confirm Last Minute RSVPS

Hello, wedding website!! Thank goodness you created a user-friendly wedding website, where you can easily keep track of your wedding guests and stay connected. The week before your wedding you will want to have the total guest count confirmed and provided to your caterer.

Finalize the Seating Chart

Should you decide to go with a seating chart for your outdoor rustic wedding, surrounded by twinkling lights and your loved ones, take a moment to get each name card in place. This will help guide your guests to their seats and avoid any confusion. If you decided to go with a bridal party table, make sure your groomsmen and bridesmaids are aware ahead of time. It’s also helpful to let everyone know if their plus one also has a seat reserved.  

Confirm Your Vendors

Time to call up the band, food truck or catering company, photographer, bartenders, etc. Make sure you connect with each vendor you have scheduled, so they are fully aware of the date, time, location, and what to expect when they arrive at the property. It is also a good idea to give them the name and phone number for the specific person you have enlisted to be the point of contact during the wedding. In that same breath, check in with said designated person and make sure they have the vendor’s name and contact information. This will give you peace of mind that while you are busy getting pampered and ready to walk down the aisle, your go-to reliable team of close friends and family, are in the know of who they need to ensure shows up and who to call if they are running late.

Confirm Who is Giving the Toasts

Check-in with the few people you have asked to give a toast. Make sure you inform them of the timeline as to when they will give the toast so they can be prepared and get their nervous jitters out. Setting a specific time for the toast will keep the flow of the evening running smoothly and not feel out of place if there are multiple toasts throughout the reception. A good time to have your toast take place is right before dinner, so you have your guest’s attention and can easily announce after toast that dinner is now served!

Gift/Card Collector

As you are being whisked away by your future husband after the wedding celebration, you will want to have a trusted family member or friend in charge of collecting gifts and cards. You should confirm the timeline and logistics of when the gifts will be collected and transported. And if you are going to retrieve them before or after the honeymoon.

Social Media

You worked so hard to get that customized rustic wedding Snapchat “Mr. and Mrs. (Insert new last name here)” filter and we know those wedding hashtags do not always come so easy. Have a close friend be your social media guru and help spread the word to your guest to use social media tools throughout the evening. Having your guest use your wedding hashtag is an easy way to look through the photos with your soon to be husband the next morning as you are laying on a beach somewhere in paradise on your honeymoon!

Bridal Party Gifts

As you are packing your bags full of items you will need to get ready, do not forget your bridal party gifts! We recommend packing everything up the night before the rehearsal so you are not rushing day of.

Emergency kit

Every solid maid-of-honor should have an emergency wedding day kit packed and ready to go, but just in case, you too will want to pack a few must-have items. You will want to include items such as Band-Aids, nail file, pain killers, tampons, hairpins, travel size sewing kit, and extra make up. These should cover any little “emergency” that may need attention.

Honeymoon Checklist

Finally, confirm your flights and hotel arrangements. Give the hotel a call and see if they have any room upgrades, they can bump you to for your stay! Once you have said, “I do” and are flying off to spend a week or two with the love of your life, you will be happy you confirmed your trip and starting off your life as newlyweds stress-free!

Once you have run through your entire checklist, take some time to spend with your soon to be husband. Go on a date to your favorite spot in town and do no talk about wedding planning! Enjoy one another’s company and share what you are most excited about once you are newlyweds and the life you will begin building together. Your gorgeous barnyard wedding will be a lifelong memory you two will get to reflect on for a lifetime and we are so excited to be a part of your sparkle and hay celebration!

Photography by Limelight San Antonio