Wow, what a year it has been! The Texas wedding season was moving along swimmingly, as well as the rest of everyone’s lives when that pesky little thing now known as Covid-19 changed everything! Let’s face it, planning a wedding has it’s ups and down even during normal times. This pandemic has made the process even more stressful. The level of uncertainty, and the process of rescheduling and postponing wedding dates the past few months has created challenges for couples and businesses across the event industry. In short, it has been an uncertain time. Stress causes conflict. Here a few tips from Gruene Estate that are now more important than ever before. Thoughtful ways that you and your significant other can stay strong as a couple in the period leading up to your wedding day.

Let’s face it, any good relationship is built on equality and trust. Make sure that prior to starting the wedding planning process you have a discussion with your S.O. to ensure that he’s onboard with helping in equal ways during the wedding planning. As a established Texas Hill Country wedding venue, our experience is that the bride comes in with the vison and wedding design goals for the day. This is ok, because while your groom might not be into the intricacies of macramé, he’s probably great at other wedding tasks: negotiating contracts with vendors, managing family issues, and being the point of contact person that touches base with Gruene Estate’s in-house coordinator. Bottom line is this: there’s plenty to do, and make sure that he’s on board to help an equal amount during the stages leading up to the wedding day.

Perspective is everything! While we all want the wedding day to be perfect, there is no such thing as a perfect wedding. As far as Gruene Texas wedding venues go, we are the oldest and most established. Through our venue experience, we have seen lots of fabulous Texas Hill Country weddings in the past decade. None of those events were perfect, but all of them were amazing. Each and every one of those “perfect weddings” had something small go wrong: a caterer mishap, a small timing issue in the timeline, or missed cue in the ceremony. Let go of obsessing over every last detail and trying to make it all happen the way you picture it. There will be bumps in the road and hiccups along the way, but remember, in the long run it won’t matter.  

Wedding planning shouldn’t be a chore or job. Make sure that you set proper boundaries and carve out time when wedding talk is off limits. This is very important, because while lots of effort goes into planning a gorgeous Texas wedding, don’t let it take over your lives. Create healthy boundaries and set aside time during the week where you are willing to discuss wedding details. Then when it’s done, be disciplined and don’t discuss it again. As we mentioned before, Gruene Estate provides an in-house coordinator who is a fabulous resource for couples to help them during the planning process. Especially, if you are one of our brides who is planning a Gruene Texas destination wedding and are living out of state. Our planner is a great resource for brides and she can connect you with various San Antonio, Austin, and New Braunfels wedding vendors.

Go ahead and plan a wedding planning getaway now. We say this time and time again, but make sure you take a break and plan a short getaway for the weekend. This is a great opportunity to connect with your S.O.. Come stay at one of Gruene Estate’s vacation rentals in downtown New Braunfels. Take in a concert at Gruene Hall and pencil in some time to enjoy floating the Comal or Guadalupe Rivers. This is a great way to scout some activities for your wedding guest’s, and plant some seeds of excitement for you big day on social media. Remind them, that they are going to experience the best region of Texas and a one of a kind boutique Wedding in New Braunfels!

Don’t get lost in the wedding planning details in the time leading up to your event. Set boundaries and create time for one another. Share the wedding planning experience together and remember that teamwork makes the dreamwork! There will be ups and downs along the way, so plan for them and have the right perspective. Your day is going to be amazing! Love, laugh, and celebrate with the ones that you love, it’s going to be the best wedding day of your life!

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