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Like so many other aspects of life during the COVID-19 pandemic, Texas Hill Country weddings have been put on hold for so many couples. While this can seem like a daunting setback, there are some silver linings! Here are a few tips to ease the emotional and logistical stress of changing your wedding date. 

Notify Your Guests

Even if you haven’t nailed down your next “Big Day” date, send a change of date announcement to your guests. This allows them to make any travel cancelations and lets them know you still want them in attendance. Sending out a simple announcement can also buy you some time to set your date. There are some great, cheeky lines like “We’re planning our forever… better late than never! Change of date TBD!”

As soon as the details have been (re) finalized, send out an updated announcement. While most wedding invites are on the formal side, this could be an opportunity to send something a little more funny and casual. You could also utilize online registration boards to save cost on the second RSVP. 

Set Your Expectations

With a date change and on-going travel restrictions, understand that some of your guests may not be able to make it. Fortunately, most airlines are currently allowing credits and refunds for travel, so your out of town guests shouldn’t be out any cost. Most of your guests will understand and will be supportive of any changes. Just be sure to communicate any changes in an organized manner. 

Find The Fun! 

Here’s that silver lining we mentioned. If there were any details you wanted to tweak, now you have that opportunity. Was there a gorgeous seasonal wedding flower that wasn’t in season? Maybe it can be part of your bouquet now. Needed some extra time to pick out the perfect Mother-In-Law gift? You got it! While some of the more tedious aspects of wedding planning are good to go, you are getting a free do-over for things you want to adjust. 

Don’t forget the ultimate silver lining! You’re throwing this great party that YOU’RE totally in charge of, and it’s likely one of the first things your friends and family get to attend after quarantine! In addition to all the joy of your wedding day, there will be added excitement for folks to get together again. 

Having to change your wedding date may seem heart-wrenching at first, but the dedicated staff at Gruene Estate is here to help you through all of it! 

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