You have the perfect dress, the ideal guest seating arrangement, and your favorite playlist ready to shower the evening in a harmony of Texas Country love songs and Southern Bell classics. Now its time to nail down your menu, but you’re a rebel and are looking for some great alternatives to the standard catered wedding meal. Here are some super fun food trends for your Hill Country Wedding in Gruene, Texas!

 Kickin’ it old school

If there is one thing we know when it comes to your menu, guests want staple items that they feel comfortable eating and can fuel their dance floor groovin’ appetite. After all, …this is a celebration! So take your guests on a savory nostalgic ride into their childhood with none other than a gourmet grilled cheese..  This ooey-gooey classic will have your guests transported to a simpler time, but don’t worry. You can add some flare to put a cheesy smile on your guests’ faces. Take it up a notch with Brisket Macaroni Grilled Cheese– Yes, it is a thing, and we are here for it! The Smoke Shack, a legendary San Antonio restaurant and caterer, makes such a dish. You can even add bacon, spinach, and tomato for a grown-up version. Or take these down to heart-shaped cut-outs of the crispy, cheesy creation for an appetizer. Any way you slice it, this Mamma’s kitchen classic will take you and your guests back to their roots.

Another fun and not-so-traditional menu idea is a taco bar. Tacos are a Texas dietary must and is the perfect meal for authentic Texas wedding.  Let me say this for the people in the back…. you cannot go wrong with tacos!  With fresh, scratch-made corn or flour tortillas, sizzling fajita meat, and seasoned chicken, this is hand-help Texas staple is sure to please. Spice it up with a toppings bar! Go traditional with guacamole and hot salsa and pico. Or put a Baja spin on it with black beans, queso Fresca and vine ripe tomato. Whichever you chose, your wedding guest will taco-bout your great taste for days.  Chelas Tacos in San Antonio are masters on the grill and they also have a mobile food truck that cooks on site!

You say taco, I say taco truck

Of course, with all this talk of gourmet grilled cheese and a taco bar fit for a queen, we have to mention food trucks! Gruene Estate has the perfect space for that favorite weekend food truck you and your future hubby enjoy! Need suggestions? Gruene Estate has partnered with local food truck companies that we’d love to recommend – just ask our event planner for details.

Why a food truck? In addition to providing a fun alternative to the standard plate, each food truck brings its own unique vibe. Garbos Lobster Truck, Chilantro, The Peached Tortilla, Chela’s Tacos, and Cheesy Janes are just a few of the many food trucks that have visited New Braunfels and Gruene Estate wedding venue. It’s also a great way to offer a variety without having to note chicken or fish for every guest. With so many combinations, you’ll be sure to satisfy all of your guests’ dinner cravings.

Do-nut skip on the sweets

Because you’re the gracious southern hostess you are, we know you’ll want a post-dinner snack to keep your guests fueled up for the dance floor. So, skip the cake for 200 guests and set up a donut bar! 

Pinterest is bursting with on-trend ideas, and the possibilities seem endless. Here’s a few we’ve seen work beautifully at our open-air venue. Donuts can be tired like a traditional wedding cake and layered with flowers. Prop them up on tin cake stands, neatly set with doilies. Or set out large, decorative apothecary jars with different flavors. Stick to the basics with glazed and frosted or get crazy with a Build-Your-Own Toppings bar.

A donut bar is sure to cure every sweet tooth in the house, and your guests will be thankful that you kept little treats for them sprinkled throughout your celebration. Plus you will feel content knowing your guests are provided with a go-to sweet snack, and a tasteful Instagram shot throughout the night (Go You!) Be sure to include a cute catchphrase to steal the show like “Donut Mind If I Do”. 

A rule of thumb for ordering is to plan for 2 – 3 donuts per guest. You will be surprised at how fast these will go! Not only will this make your mouth water, but it is so popular right now you’ll be #trending with all the social posts this is sure to draw!

So there you have it. A finger-lickin’, boot stompin’ menu that is sure to provide Instagram worthy foodie content! Not only will you continue to keep your guests satisfied, but you will wow them with such a unique and charming menu. Which falls right in line with your dreamy, down-home Texas Hill Country wedding!

Photos by Tiny Mum Photography