Everything has fallen into place for your perfect rustic and elegant wedding celebration. Your loved ones and “A” team bridal party have been there for you every step of the way! How can you possibly thank and show your appreciation for them?  While giving a gift is completely up to you, it is typical for the bride to gift her wedding party with a little something to show her appreciation. They have been a part of your planning process from the bridal shower, to the bachelor and bachelorette weekends, investing in typical wedding expenses such as travel, wedding attire, etc. They are happy be a part of the day, and in turn you are ready to show how thankful you are for each of them! But where to begin? What type of gifts do you get for each set of groups in your bridal party? Here are a few gift ideas for  

Mother of The Bride

This is your time to show Mom just how much you have appreciated all of her never-ending support. She has been there for you from day one, guiding you in all stages of your life. Not to mention she has been a rock these past few months planning your dream outdoor wedding in Gruene, Texas. Being the classy southern lady you are, you want to show your appreciation and gratitude to her. After all, you learned your manners and thoughtfulness from none other than Mama herself! But where to start? Here are a few ideas to get the wheels turning:

 A sentimental gift such as a handmade blanket with pictures and that quote Mama is always saying. This is sure to bring happy tears to her eyes and an item she can cuddle up with when she is missing her grown up “baby”. The popular site “Etsy” is a go-to starter for this type of gift.

There is nothing better than a gift that keeps on giving. Sign her up for the Wine of The Month Club, like Dry Comal Creek! No one knows her wine taste better than you. Pick out a variety of Cabernets, Pinot Niors, or Riesling that will be a savory sip each month. She will be delighted to invite you over once a month to relish in the sweet gift from her daughter. What better way to have a staple “ladies’” night” to stay in touch after becoming a newlywed?

Of course, you cannot go wrong with a gifted spa experience. The Mother-Daughter duo that runs The Body Shoppe can assist with recommendations. Both of you have been so busy planning and putting together the hill country wedding of your dreams. Mom will absolutely love the opportunity to relax and be pampered!  

Mother of The Groom

Your new husband has grown into the perfect gentleman thanks to your future mother-in-law. How do you thank the woman that brought the most amazing man into your life? A few ideas would be to sign her up for a flower subscription, have your husband write his mother a sweet note each month and send her a beautiful bouquet to let her know you are thinking of her. She will be so happy that you both continuously think of her! A special note is the key to this gift, and it will be a great way for everyone to stay connected.

Gift a charming frame to your soon-to-be MIL and be sure her and the Groom get a photo together on the big day. Send her a proper print when you have your wedding photos back and she will have a sentimental memory to look at every day in her home. She will be so proud to show off the photo to her family and friends that come to visit.

Do not forget there is always that Spa experience you got for your mother, too. Why not make it a bonus bonding event by inviting your new MIL along? Encourage them to make a day out of it! Stop in the Huisache for lunch and finish with a spa experience. She will love that you included her, making her feel officially a part of a new family.


Grooms, we understand guys typically do not get very sentimental in gift giving to other guys. However, do not forget about your men that are standing by your side. These guys have been through it all with you and are so proud of the man you have grown into. After all, you must be something special to get to marry this Southern Bell!

Let us keep it simple with personalized bourbon bottles. Feel free to throw in a matching glass set and rock cubes. There are quite a few companies you can find online that are customizing the bourbon gift box. Your boys will be thrilled to share a drink on the rocks to toast to your new chapter of life with you.

A monogrammed duffle bag or a travel bag is a perfect way to personalize the useful gift. Everyone needs a durable travel bag! Jon Hart does a very nice Texas Tough Leather bag that the groomsmen will be very thankful for.

There is always the option of a nice golf shoe bag. This can also be personalized through any golf brand vendor. Speaking of golf…what a great way to invite them out for a post wedding round of golf, while your new bride is away at her spa weekend with the girls! Talk about winning at being newly-weds!

Bridal Party

Your girls have been there for you through thick and thin. They listened to you gush about your love when you first met your future husband. They held you when things may have been hard at times and they were a sounding board when you may of needed some reason. After all this time, they have adopted your husband as part of your group and adore him for how happy he makes you. These are your bride tribe gals!

From capturing the surprise proposal from afar, to planning your bridal shower and organizing your unforgettable bachelorette party, these girls have been a pivotal part of your hill country wedding. Some of them have been friends from elementary, a couple you met in college as you were growing into yourself, and a one or two may be your co-worker turned confidant. However they became a part of your circle, you want to show them how much you truly care for each of them and thank them for their unwavering support.  We have a few thoughtful and fun gifts that will bring a sparkle to your bridesmaids’ eyes.

Speaking of sparkles, why not gift them each a pair of earrings and a necklace that you would like for them to wear during the ceremony. These double as classic set they can wear for an evening out, promising to remind them of your day and bring a smile to their faces as well!

Comfy monogrammed robes that they can wear while they are getting dolled up for your “Sparkle & Hay” wedding day! They will love the opportunity to have a group photo op to kick off the festivities! This would be a great way to showcase your farmhouse styled bridal room.

Customized bridesmaid tumbler and straw. This is a gift they can use throughout the evening to of course, keep their beverage cold, but depending on your customization one they can also share cute photos of. Get that matching #hastag for your wedding theme and have it on the tumbler. Monogram their initials so they can keep on using the gift for days to come. It is our recommendation you package this gift in a cute tote bag. What a great way to set them up with a few “must have” items for a weekend trip!

 Flower Girl/Ring Bearer

How adorable are those two little ones that are dressed to the nines in their little cowboy boots, mini suspenders, or and princess toole!? They are the star of the show – at least for a moment – when your flower girl is walking down the aisle sprinkling your signature wedding flowers down the historic Texas chapel, stealing the hearts of every captive audience member. She practiced so many times for you to get it just right! The dashing ring bearer, proud to be in shiny new boots and wearing a tie like Daddy, is holding your ring like it is the most prized possession. Of course, these kiddos do a fantastic job and you want to be sure they know how much it meant to them to have them apart of your day.

We have some ideas that can be sure to keep them happy and entertained through the reception. In this recommendation we think it is best to present this gift as a “bundle pack”. First, try a soccer ball (or any sporting ball they fancy), with his/her name on it, so he/she can beam with pride to show it off to the other children. In turn, they will be able to play all evening long – their parents will thank you

Another super sweet idea is a personalized teddy bear, dressed to match their wedding attire. They will have something to hold onto for years to come and cuddle up with at night. This is something that, in addition to the sports ball, they will get to treasure. Lastly, in the gift bundle pack, we recommend a children’s tumbler they can drink out of throughout the evening. One, they will not lose their cup and two they will have another item to be proud to resemble they are a part of your day! These gifts can be a surprise or something you can build up their excitement about receiving if they are nervous the day of.

If you are more of a “gift an experience” type, we love that as well! There is nothing children love more than an opportunity to hang out with their favorite adults and go to a theme park! Gift them a day to Schlitterbahn with you and your husband. Take them out for a fun-filled day they won’t forget as a thank you for being in your wedding and doing such a great job. This can also be a wonderful way to get “Children 101” practice in with your soon-to-be hubby!  

We hope you can relax a little more knowing you have a few ideas to reference when you begin your list of must-get thank you gifts. These are your people. You know them better than anyone else, so stay true to what you know and gift them what you feel will best represent your relationship with them. Anything you get, your wedding party will be appreciative of. They are in your life, celebrating your day because they love you, not for the specific gift you give them as a token of appreciation. Rest assured you cannot go wrong with anything you decide to put together.

Photos by Swan Photography