It is finally here– the time has come for you to plan your ideal Texas Hill Country wedding. Where should you even begin? COLOR SCHEME is a good starting point. This will tie everything together and be the root of your wedding planning, from sending out the gorgeous “Save The Dates” to your official wedding invitation. Picking your color scheme will be the underlying theme of your entire day. With that, you can begin planning every intimate detail of what you want down to the style of nails you would like your girl tribe to flaunt on your BIG day!

This is the charming wedding you have envisioned since you were a little girl, and it is coming to life right before your eyes. After securing the elegant outdoor chapel with Greune Estate Weddings, you begin planning details to make sure everything is picture perfect for your outdoor wedding! But what is your color scheme? What should your bridesmaids wear?

Our advice is going with a color scheme that encompasses you and your future southern hubby! Are you a loud and bold type of couple, or are you a subtle and reserved, edgy-boho that goes for the earthly tones? For all our couple’s personalities– we are here to help provide some insight on what colors are trending in the bridesmaid dress division. Think soft, supple, and classy chic! The soft blush tone is a dreamy way to brighten up the room! 2020 has also shined a light on all things pale blue. Your rustic wedding will be complemented by these gorgeous and captivating tones flowing throughout your night.

More of a cowgirl princess with all the rhinestones?? Subtle sparkly gowns are G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S to complement your elegant sparkle and hay wedding. Your girls will be twinkling throughout the Texas Hill Country skyline all evening long. We are ALL about it! Nothing says a Southern Belle like rhinestones and gal pals.

Hold the front door– do you need to keep every single bridesmaid dress style the EXACT the same? NO! The beautiful thing is the mix-match dress style trend is here to stay. Whether one of your girls selects an off the shoulder, the next a classic V-neck, or a flutter cap sleeve, these styles add to your charming day’s overall look and feel. What a delightful way to blend your best girls, and their dresses, in a style that they had the freedom to choose and coordinate with their ideal dress fit. This allows them to not only feel comfortable in what they are wearing but truly complement each unique body type and captivate every single stunning bridesmaid. Not to mention, with the ability to select their style…. dare we say it… but they can actually wear their dress again!! SCORE!

Okay, we have gotten you out of your traditional comfort zone, and you are loving it! Let us take it a step further and jump on this fabulous trend of different style dresses AND shades. Going with the supple blue shade for your wedding? Throw in tones of dark navy blue, light blue and greys! This array of neutral shades will be a combination your girls will appreciate and feel uniquely themselves in. More of the bold, deep tones type? Have your gals wear a mix of rose red, merlot, and contrasting blush pink.

For our Earthy Texas brides, try a deep forest green, soft sage green and a pop of beige. Each bridesmaid will stand out on her own, and your guests will be in awe of each new shade, walking down the aisle to stand by your side.

But What to do with my Hair?!

There is never a wrong way to style your hair for your wedding day! Decide to do a braided crown with loose strands dripping down? Stunning!

In the spirit of an outdoor, hill country wedding, add a few tasteful and small flowers to give a “Texas Flower Field” charm. Your hairstyle should be a one you feel comfortable with as you mingle throughout the evening. A bride does not want to have to consistently be messing with their hair as they are trying to enjoy their big day.

With that being said, whether you go with a halo updo, or a full on romantic soft curl drips down, we recommend a hairstyle different from your bridesmaids. While keeping the dresses unique and distinct is trendy, it is more picture friendly if the bridesmaid’s hairstyle remains the same. Too many different hairstyles can be distracting. A good rule of thumb is if your hair is up, have theirs be down, and vice versa. The better the contrast you have between you and your bridesmaids will mount to more attention on you and the details of your special look for the celebration.

Accessories (Jewelry and Beyond)

After all the planning it took to nail down your bridesmaid’s dresses, color scheme, and theme, you are ready to throw in some jewelry! A little sparkle and flare to tie everything together. You want the accessories to match and not clash with your gowns, right seamlessly?  There is a way for you to ensure that happens. Why not gift your bridesmaids their jewelry you would like for them to wear? Not only will they appreciate the gift, but this way you keep the accessories as minimal as you would like, or as bold! 

Who said the accessories had to stop at jewelry only? Perhaps you go with a touch of floral crowns to encompass those pastel colors you selected for the perfect rustic wedding. The unique touch will be an accessory your wedding guests will not stop complimenting as the evening rolls on.

Lastly, we cannot forget about the shoes!!! Everyone has their own comfort level when it comes to heels. Some ladies prefer wedges over a six-inch heel, and that is okay! Ask your bridesmaids to stick to a particular color and give them the freedom to select whatever style shoe best suits their fancy. This prevents any overly-loud shoe colors or over the top heels. Be sure you express your boundaries on the style. One country-chic style we love is cowgirl boots with a hint of rhinestone. After all, you are hosting your wedding at a Historic Texas Landmark! Why not make your mark and set up a great group photo-op!

Makeup & Nails

Lashes, lips, eye shadow, and, most importantly, SPARKLE!

Ladies, will you be doing your own makeup, or are you hiring a professional? It is always best to choose the option that you feel most comfortable with. Should you decide to hire a makeup artist, be sure to discuss the cost with everyone in the bridal party. If someone would prefer to do their own makeup, kindly ask that they follow as close to the color tones as the professional. Once you have selected the ideal makeup artist, please know you cannot go wrong with a makeup trial run – or two. When going the route of a professional makeup artist, it is essential to express your vision for makeup, not only for yourself but also for your bridesmaids.

Keep in mind the looks you LOVE and know your limits on makeup styles you want to stay away from. We highly recommend setting up a makeup trial to practice with your makeup artist and get an idea of what you will be showing off on the big day.  As the bride, you may want a slightly more dramatic look than your bridesmaids. Always been more of the natural, fresh face type? Keep in mind, makeup is to highlight your already beautiful features. This can be done without going over the top with your makeup look. However, many makeup artists recommend faux eyelashes for you and your bridesmaids to help make your eyes pop in photos. Should you decide to go this route, make sure to discuss a different set of lashes for you than your bridesmaids to really be set apart and shine through.

LIPS LIPS LIPS!!! When it comes to lip color, bold is beautiful! Typically, the bride will want a rich, darker romantic lip color than the bridesmaids. If you’re more of a neutral gal, have your makeup artist brighten your lips with a shade brighter to contrast on bridesmaids.

Do not skip on the nails. Keep the nails simple. A nice manicure dipped in a clear or nude pink nail polish is an easy way to keep it classy. Think clean, fresh, and simple. What a perfect pre-wedding bonding day for you and the girls! Enjoy a relaxing mani/pedi and have everyone stick to the basics.

SPARKLES are a girl’s best friend!!! YOU are the bride, so shine bright and add that extra SPARKLE for your wedding day. Whether that is a shimmery lotion or an extra dash of sparkle eye shadow, add a little flare the whole wedding party, guests list, and your future hubby thinking you are literally GLOWING! Because darling, you are!

Photos 1 and 5 by Map + Compass Photography. Photos 2-4 by Annique Marie Photography.