This fall has been so amazing here at Gruene Estate!  The weather has been very mild, crisp, and cool.  This time of year really is magical: football, family, friends, and of course gorgeous weddings.  We put together this short three minute video of Jimmy and Jenna’s wedding from two weeks ago.  We are not professional wedding videographers, so it’s more like a hi-light/behind the scenes peak at a real wedding.  

Jenna and Jimmy are such a sweet couple.  I actually did their tour and remember walking them through the property.  I was struck by how kind and sweet they both are.  They met in San Antonio through church and their ceremony had a very spiritual feel to it.  One unique aspect of the event, was that they had a traditional Thai tea ceremony before the wedding.  Jimmy is Thai, and honoring his families heritage and traditions was very important.  Their wedding had lots of unique details and vendors.  Shastagram Photobooth, a vintage 1966 Shasta Trailer, was in attendance.  Ears With Beers  brought their two beer burros, Carey and Stacy, they are always a hit.  If your new to the wedding scene in New Braunfels and Central Texas, then you might not know that live animals at weddings is a very chic wedding add-on.  Of course at Gruene Estate, we have plenty of deer, two paint horses, and two longhorns that are always on the property.  That being said, llamas, donkeys and even elephants are all additions that can be added to an event.  They are huge hit, guests love them, and they are a great way to elevate and event. Ears With beers is a duo of donkeys that come to the event wearing saddle bags full of cold beers and floral wreaths.  They mingle with guests during cocktail hour and people are able to grab drinks out of the donkeys saddle bags.  This event had so many beautiful details and it was truly special.

Most importantly, in the video, you can see that Jimmy and Jenna are truly loved.  They are surrounded by so many friend and family.  At Gruene Estate, we are so honored that they chose to have their wedding with us and that we could be part of their special day.  We wish you guys the best of luck and hope to see ya’ll again soon!