Vendor Reveal Season 2 Episode 1 is now live.  We are so excited to bring you guys the second  season of Vendor Reveal.  In case you missed season 1, the premise of the show is that each week we reveal a new wedding vendor that we think our brides and brides to be would want to know, and discuss wedding trends.  We see so many fabulous vendors each week, and there is such a variety of vendors in the wedding industry.  We want you to know about them!

Season 2 kicks off with our first vendor, Genco’s Bake Shop here in New Braunfels.  I first met Kristen the owner of Genco’s at a wedding mixer at the New Braunfels River Village Marriott.  We were casually talking wedding industry insights when Swanee Browing, from New Braunfels Wedding Guide,  approached us and started talking about Kristen’s boozy cupcakes.  I was immediatetly intrigued, as we love to see creativity an innovation that vendors bring to weddings.  These cupcakes are so amazing, because she actually bakes in liquor and alcohol into each one.

Cupcakes are a wonderful alternative to cakes.  These delectable treats allow you to offer a larger variety of flavors and toppings then a single cake. Show off your creative side with the hundreds of different toppings, designs and flavors. In addition, these boozy cupcakes are actually guest interactive.  The champagne infused treats that we try on show have a small baster that allows you to shoot the champagne in your mouth,or directly into the cupcake.  The guest experience is one of the most important aspects of a bride and groom’s day, and this is a way that even your desserts can help you achieve that goal!  I can honestly say that we have never had a cupcake that was so moist and rich with flavor.  They were truly delicious.

We are so excited to welcome Genco’s Bake Shop to the New Braunfels wedding vendor community.  Their boozy cupcakes are a one of a kind treat that your guest will enjoy on your wedding day.  They offer a new twist on an traditional baked treat!  

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