Yeah, so we have been quarantined for a solid three weeks now! We hope everybody is hanging in there. Here at Gruene Estate, we are still doing tours virtually, working on upcoming weddings, and maintaining Gruene and New Braunfels’ original historic open-air chapel and wedding venue. Since you are stuck at home, chances are you have already gone through all three seasons of Ozarks, the first season of Tiger King, and of course every season of Sex and The City and Friday Night Lights. Fortunately, there’s still plenty of time to do some wedding planning (and for those of you not yet engaged, some wedding dreaming). Not only is planning during this time a nice distraction, but it’s also a rare opportunity to get ahead. We’ve put together a few resources that will help plan your wedding while in waiting!

There’s no time like quarantine time to start working on that guest list! Take out your trusty white board and start putting some names down into three categories. The “haves”, the “maybes”, and the “have nots”. Classifying guest into these three categories allows you to organize your thoughts, so that you and your significant other can have conversations about who is and who isn’t going to receive an invite. These can be tough conversations, but it’s a great opportunity to think about cost and how big you want your event to be.

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Now is the perfect time to fine tune your wedding and really hone in on your wedding design goals. Way back when, this required cutting pages out of magazines and making collages with glue and poster board (this is still a really fun to do). We are lucky to have the never ending, super deep picture resource of Pinterest. Pinterest is a great place to start and you can actually create boards that are color toned. Organize your décor ideas, you can be detail oriented on all the aspects from color, to theme, to DIY projects. Comb through your contracts and/or proposals and get a grasp on keeping and setting a budget.

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Hopefully, you are quarantined with your better half, and if this is the case, then start working on your registry. There is a wide array of online registry’s that couples can take advantage of from the computer. Sure, it’s lots of fun to go to stores and use that gun, but in the meantime, there are some great websites like Blueprint Registry. This site allows you to add gifts from any store on the world wide web and consolidate them into one place. This is one more item that you can cross off your to do list!

The Chandelier of Gruene

When we talk to most of our brides and ask them what is most important to them, their response usually involves something in regards to the guest experience. Work on the fun and sentimental details of you wedding day: personalized wedding favors, a special vendor to enhance the experience (cigar roller, beer burros, etc.), or maybe put together a small booklet of your favorite love poems to give to guests. The options are endless here!

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Give people something to look forward to. Stay positive with a wedding countdown. The amount of negative news and information seems endless at the moment. Nothing rallies people like a wedding and the happiness that the day brings. Give the important people in your life some good news by creating a wedding countdown. is a good place to start and there several great apps in the apple store that will help you create this!

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After you binge watch all the Netflix you can stand, take advantage of this time to refine those wedding plans. This quarantine is a great opportunity to get ahead and organize your wedding day. Make sure you have all your details in order, and take some of your “to do” items off the list. This will soon pass, and your wedding will be here before you know it!

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