Gruene Estate has been in the business for a while now. We are Gruene’s first wedding venue, Gruene Texas’ original historic open-air wedding chapel, and we have been named one of the best wedding venues in the Texas Hill Country by and Through our experience as wedding professionals, we have witnessed many weddings and lots of bridal photo shoots. There are many details that you need to consider when planning your wedding. Sometimes, the finer points of the wedding planning process are unintentionally left out. These small details make a big difference. Prepping for your wedding day photos is one of those moments. A well thought out plan and some practice will help you capture those images that you will cherish for a lifetime!

Do Some Research, Have a Plan

Reach out to your photographer before the day of your wedding, and ask them for some galleries from previous weddings that they have shot. What are their favorites? Are there certain poses that require more time? Are they concerned about timing and taking advantage of golden light? There are so many beautiful locations to shoot your photos at Gruene Estate. Between the rolling hay fields, our Texas longhorns and paint horses, and our gorgeous open-air wedding chapel, we have all of the elements that make us a one of a kind Texas Hill Country Wedding Venue in the heart of Historic Gruene Texas. Plan out the session before hand with your photographer and make sure that you aren’t rushed from one spot to the next. This allows you to capture the beauty and intimacy of your wedding in a non-stressful and fun way!

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Mani/Pedi Time

Make sure you look fabulous for your wedding photos and get some girl time in with some of your besties. A manicure with your bride tribe not only ensures some well needed girl time, but it also keeps those nails looking beautiful and camera ready. Your gorgeous wedding ring should be in the photo, so make sure your nails look beautiful and compliment your diamond. Gruene Day Spa is the perfect place for that mani/pedi, and they do messages too.

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Practice, Practice, Practice

It’s a good idea to try some of the poses and photos that you might find yourself in on your wedding day. Do a hair and makeup trial run. Grab your camera and practice. This is a great opportunity to spend a fun day in Gruene with your fiancé. There are so many memorable locations to get some authentic Texas wedding photos at: Gruene Hall, Gruene General Store, and shots by the Guadalupe River at the Gruene Crossing to name a few.

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Work The Camera

Proper body position and the correct pose for your photos is essential to capturing those gorgeous wedding moments. Angle your body to the camera, and if you have a “good side” then use it. Try to keep yourself from facing the camera straight on. Elongate your neck by pressing your shoulders down and toward the camera while slightly lifting your chin up. Keep your arms away from your body, and hold your bouquet at your hip. This creates separation from your dress, and will make your arms look thinner as well as emphasizing a defined waistline. This creates a longer and leaner look which in turn makes you the center of the photograph!

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Your wedding day photos are memories that you will cherish forever. Gruene Estate’s essential pre wedding photo tips will help you capture those precious moments. A well thought out plan, the proper body position, and some self-care time with your bride tribe will help prepare you for your wedding photos. The Gruene Estate staff is looking forward to seeing you shine on your wedding day!

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