You Google ‘wedding venue in my area,’ and a lengthy list pops up! Where to begin? Right away, you can filter out all venues that don’t fit your vibe or the vision of your wedding day, but you’re likely still left with an extensive list. Start with your top 3 venues and schedule a tour. Be sure to bring your planning binder and ask these three essential questions! And don’t be shy about taking notes. You’ll need to keep answers straight from one venue tour to the next.

Do your venue have my date available?

  • This question is the most essential! You have two options if that venue does not have the date you’ve chosen. 1. Change your date, or 2. Change the venue. 
  • If your heart isn’t set on a particular day, and you love the venue, consider the other available options, especially if you have your heart set on a gorgeous fall wedding. Remember, some months are busier than others for wedding venues, and flexibility may be vital to securing your wedding at your dream venue! 
  • While asking about the available dates, remember to ask about discounts for weekday weddings. Generally, a weekday (Monday- Thursday) wedding will be less expensive than a Friday- Sunday wedding.
  • If you are considering a summer wedding in Texas, consider off-season wedding discounts or packages! Some venues may create a custom package for you that includes the local attractions.

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What is included in each wedding package? 

Start at the beginning of the day:

  • What time is the venue available to me?
  • Will tours be going on while you are on-site?
  • Does the venue provide staff to move tables and chairs, or will that be a chore you must handle?
  • Will there be staff from the venue throughout my entire event? What do they do?
  • How long of an event can I have? When do I clean up? Who does that?

Do I have to use your vendors?

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  • Most venues have a list of recommendations, but some require specific vendors, especially for bar services, and others require the vendor’s liability insurance to be submitted before the event.
  • If the venue does require you to use their vendors, what is the price range? Does that fit into your budget?
  • Are there limitations if the venue does not require the use of its vendors? Can Grandma make and bring the dessert, or does all food have to come from a licensed caterer?

It is essential to do your research before touring a wedding venue and to be armed with these questions to compare the benefits of each to find your perfect fit!