Are you currently planning your wedding or going to be planning a wedding, but have no idea what vendors to choose?  There are so many fabulous wedding vendors in the San Antonio and Austin metroplex, but if your new to the area or new to planning weddings, then it can be overwhelming. Gruene Estate has always tried to bring our brides, couples, and followers relevant information that helps solve their wedding goals.  Out of this desire to meet their needs, we have created a new program called The Vendor Reveal, live streamed weekly on our Instagram and Facebook page.  The concept behind the show is this:  As a venue, we see different vendors every week.  We are in the unique position to experience the services that each one of them provides.  Weekly, we stream live on our facebook and Instagram channels.  Viewer participation is encouraged in the form of live Q & A.  Our hope is that our couples will be able to put a face and name to the companys that they are working with.  We try to end each show with a helpful demo on every epsiode.  Season one is eight episodes long.  We try to go live every Tuesday 10 a.m.ish!