Cameron and Brandon came to us from colorful Colorado.  Their roots run deep in Texas, and the quaint little town of Gruene has always had a special place in their hearts.  Brandon actually proposed to Cameron in front of Gruene Hall.  Their wedding vision was a laid back, rustic, yet elegant event with a ton of DIY details that are totally swoon worthy!  This was truly a beautiful family affair!

Cameron’s Andrea Deane designed gown with a scoop neck line and lace accents was stunning.  She stayed true to her down to earth rustic style by wearing cowboy boots underneath it!

CBWedding 338

Her bride’s maids wore adorable knee length teal blue dresses from David’s Bridal!

CBWedding 8

The table runners and desserts were made by Cameron’s mother, sister-in law, and Brandon’s aunt.  The women in her family pitched in to create the entire reception and chapel decor (girl power can move mountains). Flower arrangements were put together the day before for the reception and ceremony as well as the entire appetizer table with the help from an aunt. 

CBWedding 416

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Brandon and his #guytribe in front of a 1972 Chevy hot rod pickup truck that he built with his dad!  Stylish yet casual by wearing the tie but not wearing traditional suits.  Casual dress is a popular trend that we will see gaining momentum in 2018.  

CBWedding 459

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This gorgeous hand tied floral arrangement was created by the bride’s mother-in-law.  White roses and baby breath in contrast with the bouquet’s greenery is traditional yet elegant.  It ‘s a graceful touch and compliments her lace gown, but is in perfect balance with and contrast the brides cowboy boots and the events rustic decor.

CBWedding 428

CBWedding 471

Taking it back to their mountain roots in Colorado.  Brandon and Cameron wanted to treat their guest to a specialty drink. Cameron worked for a whiskey company in Colorado, so they bought a 5 gallon whiskey barrel from the brewer and aged moonshine for 6 months. Whiskey then becomes bourbon, and they added other ingredients to make a manhattan cocktail which was aged that for an additional month. 

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