1. Soak it all in
You are over the moon the man of your dreams has finally asked you to be his bride. Let that set in. Take a short vacation or just celebrate over the weekend, but really celebrate this milestone. You have plenty of time to plan the perfect hill country wedding of your dreams. Take this opportunity to live in the moment with your soon-to-be husband.

Planning a Texas Hill Country Wedding
Texas Wedding Planning

2. Set your budget
Sit down with your future hubby and talk numbers. Look at the length of time you’re considering being engaged and how much you think you can save every month. Next, look at current savings and, of course, talk to your parents or any other family members who want to contribute to your special day. The rest of your planning will depend on the budget, so this is a significant next step.

Rustic barn wedding in the heart of Gruene Texas
Rustic Barn Wedding in South Texas

3. Create a guest list
While you’re talking budget with important folks, talk guest list! Is there a college roommate your future husband must have there? Is there a long-time family friend that just couldn’t miss your special day? Be sure to check with your fiancé, both sets of parents, and any other significant family members. An accurate guest count is important as you start looking at venue and overall expenditures.

4. Pick your venue, THEN pick your date
Too often, couples get set on a date before they check availability. So if you’re dreaming of the perfect hill country wedding, call us today so we can talk dates! Once you have your venue selected, then dive deeper into specific dates. With the lingering impacts of 2020 rescheduling, it can be challenging to secure your dream venue if you are stuck on an unavailable date. And remember your wedding will be so special no matter what the calendar says!

Historic Texas Chapel wedding
Historic outdoor chapel for Texas Hill Country Wedding

5. Take engagement photos
While your engagement photos might not seem like an early top priority, knocking them out soon allows you to use the images for save-the-dates, your wedding website, and various showers. This is also an excellent opportunity to test out photographers if you haven’t made that decision yet. And remember, these shots can be as intimate or fun as you’d like! So do what works best for you and your future hubby.

Elegant southern charm wedding
Boho Chic Wedding New Braunfels Texas

6. Build your vendor team
Now that you have your budget set and your venue selected (and a photographer or two tested), you can begin to build the rest of your vendor team. Think caterers, bar services, linens, photo booth, etc. Check-in with your venue if they have a preferred vendor list. (Hint: Gruene Estate has a carefully curated list of great local vendors!) You might be able to combine certain needs as well. For example, Gruene Estate has a gorgeous collection of centerpiece components like lanterns, candle holders, and more that are available to you at no additional charge.

7. Stay organized
Wow. At this point, you’ve accomplished so much! Keep your ideas, contacts, and to-do lists organized and within reach. For one helpful way to stay organized, check out our blog on staying organized with a wedding binder.

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