You’ve been visualizing your wedding since you were a little girl. As you have grown, your vision has grown with you. Somewhere in that dream, there are floral arrangements, greenery, or even now a days, dried flowers. When planning your wedding, certain elements of the process will bring your vision to life. Well thought out floral design bridges the gap between venue space and nature, wowing your guest and putting your signature touch on the event. Flowers are one of your most important design decisions!

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We are going on year number eight at Gruene Estate, and we have seen so many floral arrangements there really is no end to the limitless options and design nuances. As venue operators, it is fun getting to know brides and their personalities, and then seeing that translate through to their wedding day. It shows up the most through the décor and floral arrangement styles that they choose. Flowers as a median, express emotions: friendship, love, happiness, and trust just to name a few. Since we are in the Texas Hill Country, we’re lucky enough to be reminded of the joy and love that flowers bring every spring when our Texas wildflowers bloom.


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When you start the floral design process, think about your color palette first, and make sure that you are choosing flowers that fit those color options. As a general rule of thumb, Roses, Tulips, Carnations, and Forget-Me-Nots generally symbolize love, while Sunflowers and Chrysanthemums express happiness and joy. Whichever flowers you choose, make sure you are communicating what you want your wedding vibe to be by choosing the right species. Of course, choosing the right florist is important, and they can help you create that wedding vision.

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There are so many fabulous florist in the San Antonio and Austin wedding scene. Different factors to consider when choosing vendors depends on your budget, style, and personality. It is a good idea and a time saver to have a mood board and color palette already selected when you start your vendor search. Bring swatches of your brides maids dresses, create Pinterest boards, cut out pages of magazines. It’s your job as a bride to clearly articulate your design goals to whomever you choose. You should be comfortable with this person, so be open to a dialogue and suggestions. Find that perfect balance between someone who is willing to listen to your ideas, and give you constructive feedback on alternative plans and design. Also, make sure they let you know if your budget and vision are realistic. They are the professionals and they might look at the design and suggest that you need more greenery or some other element that will make your vision really stand apart.


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Let’s not forget about greenery! Wedding greenery is extremely versatile. It adds a perfect balance to the bright colors of floral arrangements. Offering subtle organic tones that soften the bright colors of pop, greenery is the perfect ying to flowers yang! In addition, they are typically very affordable. It’s why we are obsessed with greenery for weddings! It also gives you the option to skip the florals all together and just go green. Or, you could focus on bulking up your arrangements with affordable green wedding fillers like ever popular wedding eucalyptus, wedding ferns or smilax. The options are pretty much endless, and this is a great option for the bride that is the minimalist, or looking for a more modern touch. There is something about greenery that adds such a boho organic feel to the décor of an event, it is really hard to describe. Also, being that we are an event venue in Texas, Smilax is a wild vine that only grows in East Texas. Incorporating locally grown and native plants into your event, gives your event that signature Texas touch!

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Flowers are an essential part of your wedding because they can be found in almost every element of your event, and they set the tone for wedding day! Choosing the right vendors to help you communicate your vision is an important step in the wedding planning process. Using other unique elements like greenery in conjunction with flowers can bring your lifelong wedding dreams to reality!