Almost every bride would agree that once they’ve got that engagement ring on their finger, the next tangible thing they think of is the dress! This is super exciting, of course, but we’re here to remind you not to put off the little details, like your nails, until the last minute!

Your nails might not seem like a huge deal, but they will be in the coming months! A LOT of people will be grabbing your hand to take a look at that ring. And come the big day, your hands are likely to be zoomed in on more than you realize! Think of a close-up photo of you and your groom holding hands. Or you slicing the cake. Or bride and mother “cheers-ing” with champagne flutes. Maybe a shot celebrating the generations in attendance with hands, young and old, stacked atop each other. Even before all this, at the bridal shower, as you open gifts, once again your hands will be in more photos than you’d think! So, you might want to be thinking of nail trends for your wedding day early on in your engagement. Thinking about this sooner than later will allow you time to try out different styles and nail artists and have pretty nails all the while!

The current trends of 2021 include a revamp of the French Tip, a modern twist on class French manicure, glitter and nail art.

Envisioning a rustic barn wedding? You might want to opt for a simple revamp on the traditional French Tip. Simply swap the usual white tip for a silver or gold!

If elegant is the word you’d choose to describe your dream day, do a modern twist on the French manicure. Start with a nude, soft pink or peach undercoat and a stark white top. Then add some quaint and dainty decorations, such as small rhinestones on your right-hand ring finger (so it doesn’t get too jealous of that left hand’s new bling!).

Did someone say “sparkle and hay?” Find a nail salon in Gruene or New Braunfels, TX and they’ll totally understand the vibe you’re going for! Paint a few nails a very subtle, classic pink. Followed by a few that are the same shade, but totally matte. Next, the sparkle: a nail or two engulfed in glitter! These nails look amazing in outdoor wedding pictures!

If you are an outgoing bride going for some boho charm—your boldness must be on display everywhere—including those nails! Don’t shy away from some geometric patterns drawn on top of a bright color or some detailed nail art.

Whatever your style, remember that from engagement day to your wedding day, every day is a celebration of your love! Let the joy spread from your heart to your smile to those beautiful nails!

Photography by Witte Idea.