I adore weddings at Gruene Estate. From the adorable open-air chapel to the quaint cottages to the rustic charm of the reception area surrounded by cattle and horses, this place is a dream to photograph!
Mike and Lauren got married here a little less than 6 months ago (gasp! sorry for getting so behind on the blog!!), and I loved all the thought Lauren put in to the details. She and Mike even had Fredericksburg peaches as gifts for their guests. Let me tell you – photographing their rings amongst the peaches was the most delicious smelling wedding ring shots I’ve taken all year. Sigh…and now it’s fall, and I can’t get a delicious peach, and now that I can’t stop saying peach, all I want is a peach. Or peach pie. Or oh! I do have a peach yogurt…TO SEE THE FULL GALLERY…CLICK HERE!