The perfect wedding dress for your rustic chic wedding has been purchased. You are only a few weeks away from your dazzling barnyard wedding celebration! But how to complete the look? What to do with…well your do? Your hairstyle will be featured in every photo and video on your special day and saved for years to come, so let’s take a moment to plan out your hairstyle for the big day! Here are a few ideas for every hair length and texture. Get ready to complete your Southern Bell Classy ensembles with a beautiful hairstyle that compliments you.

The Classic Bun

If you are worried about your hair being too thin, doughnut fret! The “Doughnut Bun” is a classy and elegant way to pin your hair back. Plus, if you add in a bun maker, this will add in the full body bun look you are searching for! To create this classic hairstyle, first put your hair in a ponytail, place the bun maker around the elastic of the ponytail. The next step is to roll the bun maker down to the end of the ponytail to craft your full and eye-catching bun. Take the extra step and make sure it is tightly secured with bobby pins so you can comfortably dance the whole evening and not worry your hair will come loose.

Mermaid Braid Stole the Show…

Looking for the simple style that will still take your soon to be husband’s breath away? The mermaid braid was made to be a showstopper. This hairstyle looks stunning on long and thick hair, but no need to fret if this is your desire, and you have somewhat thinner and shorter hair. Thank goodness for hair extensions! Add in floral clips or a pretty pearl barrette for a little southern charm touch. After all, you will be celebrating at an enchanting outdoor wedding venue!

Veil it Up

Perhaps you have decided to go with a veil. We love it! A beautiful way to place a veil in a hairstyle is to go with an updo. Soft brushed out curls will softly add to the light, and sheer veil look. Consider doing a crown twist to add to the flare of the no-fuss look. Bonus! When you twist your hair, it makes your hair look fuller. Once you have your hairstyle set, simply clip in your veil and be ready to make jaws drop.

Bold and Chic

Go bold and slick with the straight soft brushed back look. All you need to do is begin by straightening your hair with a blow dryer, then use a texturizing spray to add a hint of grit. Follow up by using your blow dryer to pull your hair back and lift it at the crown for an extra volume. This hairstyle selection is recommended, should you have a very “busy” wedding gown. You may want to highlight your gorgeous gown by keeping your hair and accessories simple.

Big and Beautiful

Lastly, as a true Texas gal at heart would do, go BIG! Think curls, curls, and more curls. The bigger, the better we say! You can always add to your volume by pinning in a few extensions. Nothing is too much for a Texas-sized wedding hairstyle. This look can be enhanced by pinning a nice sparkly barrette to one side for that extra sparkle and hay flare!

On your special day, be sure to select a hairstyle that works with your specific hair type. For those with a little thinner hair, consider extensions and texturizing pomade for extra volume. For those with lush and long hair, your options are endless. However, we recommend selecting a style that will last throughout the evening as you boot scoot and boogie the night away! Ladies keep in mind you are gorgeous, and your hairstyle will only accentuate your already perfect look. One last pro-tip set up a trial run for your hairstyle. Some of the above hairstyles may not be cooperative with your hair type or not look like you were imagining. We wish you the very best and hope your hair lives happily ever after throughout the celebration!

Photos by Dawn Elizabeth Studios