Do you want to capture that perfect photo on your wedding day?  There is so much happening the day of, and it is very important to capture the special moments with well timed photography. These memories will last a life time. 
This is one the biggest regrets that my husband and I have from our wedding day.  Twelve years later, we have very few photos that show the love and intimacy of such a special day.  We made many mistakes when planning our wedding.  Fortunately, none of them were life or death, but I wish that someone would have given us a little more guidance in the process.  Our photographer was a friend, or what we commonly refer to in the wedding industry as a friendor.  We simply trusted that she would get those moments on film for us, and we failed to pre-plan accordingly. Not pre-planning with our photographer, and clearly laying out our expectations is a huge regret!  After our own failure and a decade of experience in the wedding industry as managers of Gruene Estate, we are happy to share with you   a few tips that will help you navigate those wedding day photo pitfalls! 
1. Schedule Plenty of Time For Photos
Make sure that you have set aside enough time in the schedule, so that you and your husband have plenty of time for both couple and family photos.  Doing a first look, is a great way to make sure that you capture personal photos of just you and him, before you are surrounded by friends and family.  This allows you to maximize your shooting time at the venue!
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2. Create a Mood Board
Every bride is different.  Trying to articulate your style in words is often very difficult to do, and many times there is a disconnect between the images in our heads and the final product.  Creating a mood board in Pinterest many months before your event is a great way to share your vision with your photographer, venue, and coordinator.  
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3.  Include a Private Session
While it’s fun to have all of your friends and family at the event, make sure you include a few moments in the time line for a sneak away session.  This can be done while the reception is happening, or when the guests leave the facility to line up for the sparkler exit.  These moments are what your wedding is all about, and capturing the romance of just you and your husband in an private moment is so romantic!
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Ross Hurley Photography
4.  Use Smoke Bombs
It’s pretty simple, they just look really cool and they add an unique aesthetic to an otherwise traditional photo. Because they come in any color, couples can be creative and add some color pop to their photos!
5.  Golden Light
When planning your schedule for the day, account for the shooting times that create the best light.  Golden light happens as the sun starts to set.  The light becomes warmer and softer and creates a golden glow that is so beautiful.  Typically it lasts about 30 minutes and makes for some amazing photos!  By checking sunset schedules for your day, and planning accordingly, you can take advantage of every last second.  It happens very quickly, so pre-plan and have your shot locations pre-determined