This is our fifth year doing weddings at Gruene Estate.  Looking back on all the weddings that we have done, it makes us so proud to be a part of so many wonderful memories.  The future is bright, and our goal is to continue to create a one of a kind wedding and event venue in the heart of the Texas Hill Country.  It is easy to stay the same, so we strive to be innovative and create a truly unique space.

On our yearly antique hunt, we came across a beautiful vintage chandelier that we thought would make a great addition to our in-house decor.  One wasn’t enough, and after an exhaustive search, we found two more that fit Gruene Estates rustic vintage feel.  Several lighting setups were tried, but we felt that re-wiring them would be the best way to showcase the new pieces.  After many attempts, we were able to bring them back to life.  The expert electrician that rewired them, dated one of them to the mid 1800’s!  

Three vintage wood pulleys were installed in our gorgeous tree that overlooks a grassy lawn and fire pit area.  This space has gone unused in the past, and our chandeliers now create a focal point for this space to be utilized.  So far, brides have used the area as a food service station, cake table location, or just a general place for guest to enjoy the starry nights at Gruene Estate.  They have been a great addition to the venue, and we are excited for many more wonderful events!