The wedding day can be an extremely stressful and emotional time for any bride. You are not only preoccupied with all of the preparation that goes into your big day, but also spending time with family members, and looking your very best. When it comes to choosing which photos to take on your wedding day, you’ll want to consider taking first look wedding photos. Here’s why.

Capturing The First Look Between Bride and Groom

When most think about first look photography, bride and groom is typically the first combination that comes to mind. There is something magical about a groom tearing up at the first site of the women he loves in her wedding gown. Taking first look wedding photos allows a bride and groom to have some time with each other before their ceremony begins. It can be an emotional moment for both of them, as well as loved ones watching on from the sidelines or capturing it through photography.

Savor The Moment

Not only is this a sweet moment to capture, but choosing first look photography also gives a bride and groom the chance to relax and enjoy each other’s company without having too many distractions or interruptions from guests. Consider writing a note, or exchanging part of your vows while it is just the two of you.

So Fresh

You shopped for your perfect gown. Your hair and makeup have been professionally done and you haven’t had time to break a sweat yet. Your groom’s suit will be freshly pressed and free of wrinkles. While your post-ceremony photos will still be gorgeous, there are definite perks in snapping a few photos together, before the tears come rolling in!

Beyond The Bride and Groom

First look photos shouldn’t stop with the bride and groom! Consider a Father-Daughter shot or your groom and his mother or grandparent. It’s always a beautiful moment when a groom sees his future wife for the very first time on their wedding day, but it can be equally as sweet to see him with his own parents. This also gives you a few moments to be with your parents before the festivities have you going in multiple directions. Also, consider your bridal party combinations. While it is common to do his and her groups separately before the vows, first look photography can knock out some of those group shots as well. Whatever combination you choose, a big bonus is having some alone time with your loved ones before the ceremony begins.

Check A Box

Let’s be honest. Photos after the ceremony are a must, but can be time-consuming and stressful depending on the different combinations you’re trying to capture. First look photos take some of this stress away, by knocking out a few of these before the ceremony. Your guests won’t be waiting for you as long and you won’t have to shuffle your parents around as much if some of those shots are captured beforehand.

It doesn’t matter if you are the bride, groom or family member, don’t miss out on capturing these intimate moments before the day gets crazy and busy! The moment when your fiancé sees you for the first time in your dress can be so emotional and moving. That joy will last forever through photographs!

Photography by Lauren Crumpler