If your planning a wedding there are many different styles that you can emulate.  Clean modern lines, rustic shabby chic, or classic inspiration evoking design elements with a perfectly coordinated aesthetic are just a few of the many options that you can choose from.  In the last couple of years, we have seen a steady increase of brides shifting to the “boho look”.  It’s hard to say exactly where or how these trends start, but it is safe to say that Pinterest, boho celebrity weddings (Ashley Tisdale and LeAnne Rimes), and the fact that we all enjoy embracing that little bit of hippy free spirit that hides deep down in our souls are contributing factors.  It’s hard not to like flower crowns, over sized bouquets, mismatched bridesmaid dresses, and unexpected decor pieces – like giant dream catcher backdrops. We have seen our fair share of boho weddings, and often see many boho elements blended into events with a more traditional flair. Boho is commonly tied to outdoor venues which is why it fits perfectly with Gruene Estate.  Here are just a few of our favorite “boho” elements that make this style oh so dreamy! 

1. Macromae Is In

 Lots of trends come and go, but if they’re really cool they will find a way to come back into style.  This has happened in a major way with macromae.  Popular in the 1970’s we have seen a resurgence in the material.  It is super versatile: table runners, over chair backs, hanging wall pieces, and it can even be used as an accent for the alter.  The rustic earthy vibe that it adds to a space is authentic and warming.  This is a must use accent piece if you are adding boho design elements in your event!

2. Mix and Match Brides Maid’s Dresses Are Too Cute

LMP 7400

Nothing says free spirit hippie, like mix and match bridesmaid’s dresses.  This is the quintessential “boho” look and it is a look that we love.  While matching dresses will probably never go out of style, the mix and match trend is just too much fun!  Plus, this takes pressure off your bridal party by eliminating the one size or style fits all.  Not everybody in your bride tribe has the same body shape, skin tone, or style,  This allows your bridesmaids to choose a dress that fits them and lets you shine.  It’s really an approach to wedding style that is a win-win for everyone!  

3. Hanging Florals Are The Bomb

hickman formals 288

Floral crowns, eclectic center pieces, creeping floral arrangements and hanging florals through out your event space capitalize on the whimsical gypsy feel that makes boho so special.  Flowers set an event apart.  Taking different themes and molding them into a well thought out curated look can be done with floral arrangements, because there are so many different species and colors to mix and match.  The various textures and greenery compliment each other well.  Floral inserts and hanging greenery elevate a space to give it that whimsical feel!

Pictures 1 and 2 Lindsay Mueller Photography

Picture 3 Anne Marie Photography