Getting married is a big deal!  It is a moment that we have been thinking picturing in our heads since we were little girls.  During the planning phase, often times we over look emotionally preparing our selves for the moment those chapel doors open and we are presented down the aisle.  Prepare yourself for those butterflies that you are going to experience and relish in every moment. Here’s a few tips for emotionally preparing for the “I do” moment.

1. Use a coordinator (Lucky for our brides, we provide a world class coordinator with 16 years of experience).

No problem here!  At Gruene Estate, we provide a day of coordinator that is instrumental in the pre-planning process.  In our basic package, our brides receive a day of time line which helps them maintain control over the flow of events throughout the day.  It is imperative that our brides arrive at the venue the day of with as little stress as possible. Pre-wedding coordination with your vendors and a pre-wedding walk through of the property eliminates many of the stress points and pit falls that can hinder a bride from fully enjoying her special day. 

2. Have a casual pre-wedding day. 

What do you like to do?  What helps you to relax?  There are so many different activities that help brides just plain chill.  The important part here is that you remember not to over load your pre-wedding day with too many activities.  Make sure you schedule in the “must do’s” first: hair, makeup, etc.  Then add in a fun activity with some down time too.  Have some wine, take your friends to the spa, and just enjoy hanging out at the venue pre-wedding time.

3. Have a realistic timeline and schedule for day of events. 

Your coordinator will be able to help you out with this!   Come into the event with realistic expectations of what you are able to accomplish in the time you have for your event.  Sit down with your other half well before your wedding day and come up with a list of priorities for the day of.  What’s most important for you?  Is it guest experience, Is it pictures?  How long do you want the ceremony to be?  Is there a special aspect of the reception that might take some extra time?  These are all aspects of your wedding day that need to be considered when planning your time line.  Once you have a clear picture of your goals for your day, you can create the timeline with your coordinator with plenty of cushion built in so it’s not stressful. 

4. Make sure that all your vendors have the timeline for the day of ahead of time.  

Weddings are truly a team sport!  With so many moving parts, it is critical that the timeline is shared with all the vendors involved in the event.  Since Gruene Estate provides a coordinator, this happens for every event, making sure that we are all on the same page.

5.  Last but not least, just have fun and enjoy marrying your best friend!

This is probably the most important part of the big day.  Come in understanding that there is no such thing as a perfect wedding.  While we all strive for that goal, there are going to be minor mis-cues that sometimes just happen.  Remember that your friends and family are there to celebrate you.  Their focus is on loving you and experiencing the joy that weddings bring.  Have fun, it’s a once and lifetime experience!

Photo Credit: 1778 Photographie