We recently had a photoshoot here at Gruene Estate that had so much style and eclectic décor that we just couldn’t wait to share it with you. It was a pure Bohemian Wedding that looked like the pages from a mythical woodland enchanted book. From the bride and groom’s attire to the details at the altar of our outdoor chapel, this wedding photoshoot was a Bohemian bride’s dream.  Boho Chic Weddings have a distinct soft and romantic feel that is earthy and inspired by nature and the beautiful outdoors. For those with wild hearts and gypsy souls, this wedding vibe is perfect for you! Whimsical details like flower crowns, macrame, ornate rugs add the perfect boho vibe to any event. It’s a really fun look for a wedding and we adore the Bohemian bride! She gives us so much color and eclectic decor. From macramé backdrops (yes, the 1970’s crafty trend is back in a big way!) to a surplus of vibrant flowers everywhere! It’s why this week’s blog is all about Boho Bride Wedding Inspiration.  So, gather ‘round you wanderers and adventurers, embrace your free spirit and love of all things chic and beautiful, these Boho wedding ideas are just for you

What exactly is a Boho Wedding?

Boho weddings have become one of the staple styles throughout the world of ceremonies and receptions – as well as bridal gown designs. The freedom, the flow, the connection to nature, and the undeniable pieces of comfort that go into events dressed in such a theme – bohemian vibes aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, they have become an increasingly popular style of wedding with boho inspirations that range from glam to vintage to even a little rustic. But you may be scratching your head at what exactly constitutes a boho wedding.

First, let’s begin with the word “bohemian,” which, according to Dictionary.com, means “a socially unconventional person, especially one who is involved in the arts”. To identify a wedding as bohemian – or boho – means the same thing. It’s an unconventionally-styled event, full of artistry, and extra romanticism as well. Think of fairy-tales but with a dash of woodland enchantment instead of princess royalty.

Most bohemian themes or styles are Nature’s best details such as wildflowers and lush greens, extra bouts of texture on the tables, delicacy, and romance woven through elements such as soft cotton and wood. Look to the outdoors for even more ideas and inspiration and then soften them up. It’s everything you would see in a true “fairy’s” dream without too much fuss or crispness around the edges.


The Flowers

The more voluminous and softer your florals are, the better. And the more texture you can weave throughout, the more of a boho vibe you will achieve. Play with texture and color with flowers such as astilbe, ranunculus, spray roses, and lots and lots of fresh greenery. Also, don’t forget the popular succulent. These desert natives can work just about anywhere, whether used in your centerpieces, as place setting accents, or hanging terrariums. Really, you can’t get much more earthy than a great succulent!

Eclectic Décor

Think about mismatched pieces and textures. Add succulents to your arrangements or ruffled runners on your tabletops. A variety of colors or variations of shades would be a great way to add interest and depth to the overall scheme of the day and still fit within this particular style. Light linens, earthy details, and a variety of greenery installations can help to transform your traditional wedding reception into a boho style wedding. You can also delicately drape your ceremony chairs with beautiful blooms and lush greenery. It’ll transform a conventional set up to an earthly celebration. Crystals, quartz, and gems are just as dreamy, creating an enchanting effect when scattered across reception tables as part of the centerpiece, or printed on card stock for bohemian wedding invitations.

Offbeat Touches

When it comes to the more traditional aspects of the wedding, think outside the box. For example, mix and match your seating at the reception – add vintage couches and accent chairs to the outskirts of the party.  Make a room outdoors with white sheets and that vintage couch, or a create a celestial photo booth. 

Also, think about including some creative flavors to the cocktail or dessert menu such as lavender or cardamom.


The Dress
Massive ball gowns and mile-long trains don’t exactly scream “boho”, so you may want to consider a simpler silhouette for your wedding day. The essence of a bohemian wedding dress is based on free and “flowy” fabrics that also make you feel in harmony with yourself and with nature. These romantic dresses are light and very comfortable to wear. A sheath style is probably the simplest of the bunch, but that doesn’t mean it’s boring. Plus, because it’s kind of a blank canvas, you can really take advantage of accessories (bring on the bling and flower crowns!). Bohemian gowns may have bell sleeves, can pay homage to the outdoors with floral accents or a pinch of color sewn throughout the design; such as sage, blush, or even a powder blue. Add some lace overlays or true embroidery, think about infusing 60’s or 70’s styles into your wedding gown.

The Make-Up
You’re more than welcome to rock full glam on your big day if that’s your thing, but we think a natural look is the perfect option for a boho wedding. Ask your makeup artist to test out a “no makeup” makeup look. Remember, if you want to go bolder, you could always darken your brows or add some falsies to amp it up a bit. Or a bold lip with a natural face is always a show stopper.

The Hair
Every boho bride needs a braid or two. You can go all out and do an elaborate braided or tie just a few strands back in a side braid or waterfall braid. Boho points if you throw in a few flowers. If you want to add a bit of a royal feel to your wedding ensemble, consider topping off your look with a crown. No pageant style tiaras here–we are talking about an adorable floral halo that complements your bouquet (that’s right, they’re not just for music festivals!). Whether you want to go for something big and bold or a simple wreath of baby’s breath is your totally your call…we think both are stunning!

The Accessories

Your ring doesn’t have to be the only piece of jewelry you sport at your ceremony. Hair vines, stacks of bangles, body chains and mixed and matched rings will make your wedding style the stuff that Pinterest dreams are made of. Depending on yours and your bridesmaid’s dresses, think out of the box and maybe incorporate some feathered earrings or a fringe style necklace. This is a perfect change to really bring out the boho feel with your style.

The Shoes
When it comes to shoes, we have amazing news for you if you decide on a Boho theme for your wedding. You do not need to sport sky-high heels on your wedding day! If you’re hosting a summer affair, take advantage of the good weather and rock a pair of gladiator sandals. Or if it’s the fall, find a pair of beautiful ballet slippers. Not only will these give you some serious hippie vibes, but they’ll also allow you to dance the night away without getting a million blisters.

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