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One of the many duties as bride and groom is to give your wedding party ‘thank you’ gifts for all of their hard work during the months of wedding planning. After all, the bridesmaids and groomsmen do a lot to ensure your special day goes off without a hitch, in addition to planning fun and unforgettable moments leading up to it. Whether you want to gift the whole wedding party the same thing, you plan to personalize depending on each person’s style or you want to get crafty and create a DIY present, we will have something in this gift guide for you and your crew!

Something for everyone…

There’s no shame in trying to take a faster and more frugal route when wedding planning! You have a ton to do in limited time, so why not order gifts for your whole wedding party in one easy purchase?

Gift your whole wedding party these adorable instant-print digital camera. They can take pictures, send them to their phones, edit them and print the photos directly from the camera. How fun will this be for all of your bridesmaids and groomsmen to have throughout your wedding?! Plus, this is a gift that they will love to have on them for events in the future.

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Another gift that can be given to the whole wedding party is a pair of sunglasses. If your wedding is planned for a sunny day, then get your crew equipped with premium sunnies. Luckily for you, sunglasses are easier than ever to find online. You can even bulk order them for more than 10 people; you will have a gift that keeps giving for everyone in one easy purchase!

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Personalized presents…

There’s a few way to tackle perfectly curated gifts for your friends and family. You can choose to go with the ever-trendy monogram route or think about each person’s style and favorite hobby to inspire you.

Maybe you have a friend that’s a kid at heart and likes to enjoy their spare time outdoors entertaining their loved ones. This gorgeous horseshoe set is perfect for the family man in your life. They will be plunging these quality stakes into every backyard and beach next summer! Whoever receives this gift will be grateful that you took the time to think about their interests to thank them properly.

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A classic gift for bridesmaids is jewelry, but it can be hard to find something everyone will love. Stick with a simple bracelet that can be engraved to make it personal to each girl in your wedding. Choose to engrave their initials, name or a loving message. Every person will be touched that you thought of something so special and this will always remind them of your special day!


D.I.Y. gifts…

This one is for all of the crafty couples out there! Grab your wine and takeout and make a date night to create these special gifts for your bridesmaids and groomsmen.

The most creative thing you can do for each person is create a basket that focuses on their favorite things. If they are a beer aficionado, then make a basket filled with different mugs, glasses and a rare beer or even a gift card to a local brewery! Or if they need an at-home spa day post wedding then make a basket of face masks, pedicure products and essential oils.

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A surprisingly easy idea for your bridesmaids is these trendy crystal or gemstone earrings. Head to the craft store to pick up all of the essentials, and you can hunt for crystals online at a variety of crystal shops.