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New Braunfels Texas Wedding Venues - Emily Ties The Knot at Gruene Estate


Ya'll, check out this week's wedding video.  We try to be at every wedding at Gruene Estate, we love to feel the love and experience all the unique details.  A few months ago we picked up a Go Pro Hero 7 Black, so we could capture some of those moments and turn them into short videos for wedding lovers like yourselves.  These short videos are meant to give brides and couples a behind the scenes look at the inspiration, planning and execution of weddings at Gruene Estate.  

Emily was such a wonderful bride to work with, and it was so much fun seeing her wedding day vision come to fruition.  There were a lot of beautiful details and our favorite part of the day was seeing her walk down the aisle in her gorgous gown.  Speaking of details, notice in the video the bouquets in glass vases at the end of the pews that line the walk way to the alter.  We created a venue that doesn't need extra decor, the natural beauty of our open air chapel speaks for itself.  That being said, adding touches of greenery and floral bouquets can really make the space pop!  

The other aspect of Emily's decor that really stood out, was the way they arranged the tables.  Typically, the head table is at the stage end of the pavilion, closest to the D.J. and dancing.  Emily chose to reverse the arrangement, and put the head table at the opposite end of the pavilion. In this setup, guests enjoyed a beautiful backdrop while eating, a picturesque view looking out over Gruene Estate's beautiful chapel and rolling green pastures.  It hi-lighted the beautiful landscape that is Gruene Estate, and made the chapel part of the event for the whole evening. 

There are so many more details that are worthy of discussion, but it's just easier if you watch the video for yourself,  It's really short, so take a break from work and enjoy a short 2 minute clip of  Texas Hill Country wedding bliss!

Texas Wedding Venues - Aerial Fly Over of Gruene Estate's Chapel


Wow, spring is here and it never really felt like we had a winter.  It is amazing how mild and wonderfully gorgeous this weather has been here in central Texas.  The cool evenings with subtle touches of rain, already have us on track for a lush  green spring that will make for some epic weddings here at Gruene Estate.  Since the weather has been so nice, I thought it might be a great opportunity to get the drone out, and do a few fly overs of the chapel. I felt brave, and managed to even do one through the interior to give ya'll the feeling of what it is like to walk down the aisle!

If you are not familiar with Gruene Estate, then some background on who we are is helpful.  Built in 1852, Gruene Estate is the original farm of the Gruene family that founded the National Historic District of Gruene about a mile down the road from us.  Immigrants from Germany that became wealthy owners of a cotton empire, Ernst and Antoinette Gruene had a rather large family that impacted the towns of New Braunfels and Gruene.  That legacy can still be felt today, as much of the town of Gruene has gently resisted change and is still very much the same.  Ernts and Antoinette's son H.D., built Gruene Mansion, The Grist Mill, and of course the legendary Gruene Hall.  Gruene Hall is Texas' oldest dance Hall and still has live shows most nights.  Country legends like Willie Nelson, George Straight, Leann Rimes, and just everybody else have graced it's stages and are still playing there today!  We love knowing that Gruene Estate is part of that history and cannot wait to share it with you!

If you are interested in seeing the venue and our historic chapel, we would love to hear all about your wedding vision!



Kellsye and Kennon's Rustic Wedding in New Braunfels

Kellsye and Kennon grew up in the same town together. They even went to the same high school. Although they lived in the same city, they didn’t connect until well after college. Knowing mutual friends, a meant to be starry night at a Texas dance hall prompted Kennon to ask Kellsye to dance. After that first dance, they knew that they were destined to be together forever!

Envisioning a rustic and laid back wedding, they chose to incorporate special touches that were important them, and that would also elevate their guest’s experience. In addition to yard games, they had a s’mores station, a hand made quilt for guests to sign, and a wooden bench that Kennon made for guest to enjoy while sitting in the patio area. Each guests received there own individually packaged s’more to enjoy by Gruene Estate’s fire pit. It was gorgeous day and the décor details made the event pop with a fresh and clean, but rustic feel!

Open air chapels Texas

Kennon and Kellsye standing in front of Gruene Estate's original open air chapel.  The added greenery around the chapel door adds to the already romantic feel of the chapel.   This trend of lush greenery overtaking florals as the main décor accent at weddings here at Gruene Estate, as well as at weddings nationwide isn't going away anytime soon.  We love this organic trend, and also the creativity we’re seeing in how planners and designers are incorporating verdant vines in to the venue!

rustic wedding venues texas

Mix and match is a trend that we are seeing in bridal party apparel.  This is such a smart way to make the bridal party stand out and look fabulous.  All of Kennon's Groomsmen are in matching suits from The Men's Warehouse, but the bridesmaids are in mixed dresses that each bridesmaid chose on her own.  Not only do they look great, but you are also allowing your bridesmaids to choose a dress that best fits them.

rustic wedding venues

Kellsye is looking stunning in her lace v-neck wedding gown from Belle Saison Bridal in Austin Texas.  The bead embroidery and the traditional lace veil ad a refreshingly traditional look to her gown.

wedding rings


Bride tribe

The bridesmaids in front of the Gruene family's original farm house.  Built in 1856, the house is a Texas State Historic Site and serves as the bridal suite.

wedding desert table

This three tier buttercream cake with touches of greenery, gives the dessert table a clean minimal feel with the right touch of elegance.  Adding cup cakes of different sizes and flavors allow the bride and groom to offer guest a wide variety of dessert options as well as creative toppings that showcase their personality and style.

creeping greenery


wedding flowers


outdoor rustic Texas wedding


brides maids dress


Wedding Venues New Braunfels Tx


wedding send off ideas


Photos by Beth Aubrey Photography

Adam and Parker - Real Weddings in Gruene Texas

Growing up in the heartland of Texas, Adam and Parker had known each other their entire lives.  They were class mates and graduated high school together.  Not aware that either of them was secretly smitten with the other, a chance encounter at a Texas dance hall lead to an inseparable love and adoration for each other.  Adam asked Parker to dance, " Adam literally just approached me and said “Stay right here the next song we’re dancing.” I didn’t move an inch, I was just so shocked he came up to me & “asked” me to dance. That night we hung out & we literally talked the whole night, and I admitted to my crush in high school."  Little did she know, but Adam felt the same way.  In the spring of 2019, they said "I do" in Gruene Estate's original open air chapel.  There wedding was absolutely gorgeous!  In Parker's own words.


Gruene Wedding Venue 

What were you inspired by while planning your wedding? 

I was inspired by my husband and I’s favorite colors of purple & grey. I love a grey toned lavender and we both love any grey shades.  I am also obsessed with flowers and plants and I knew that that was an aspect I wanted to focus on when decorating the venue. I grew up outside in my grandparents garden, so we had lots of rosemary incorporated into the decor, as that herb is one of my favorites!

Wedding Venues Open Air

What advice would you give to future couples planning their wedding? 

Take advice from friends and family, but stick to your vision. It’s y’all’s day and you’ll regret not doing it how you want to.   

New Braunfels Texas Wedding Venue

What special details did you incorporate into your wedding to enhance your guest's experience?

We had late night coke floats served in mini coke bottles! It was such a fun & sweet detail. Of course, it was a perfect late night snack to after so much dancing. 

Gruene Hall Wedding

Tells about the inspiration behind the grooms and groomsman's apparel? 

We went very nontraditional with the groom & groomsmen attire. All of the guys bought their pants from Buckle, and their shirts were their groomsmen gift. They were tailored at Melvin’s in Victoria. Lastly, the vest, bow ties,ties, and suspenders the ushers wore where all from the Bridal Rail, where I purchased my dress. 

Rustic Texas Floral Display

Rustic Texas Wedding Chapels

Is there anything else you'd like to share about your big day? 

The venue was amazing and so we’re the staff members! They kept everything flowing so smoothly and we couldn’t have imagined it without their help. Staying onsite and having our bridal party in the big house next to us was also so much fun.   After the wedding we sat on the front porch talking, and enjoying the special time with friends and family.

Wedding Cakes

What were some of your favorite wedding day details? 

Instead of doing a bride and groom cake, we did one joint cake and mini desserts for a variety of treats. Adam designed the lower layer with the marbled effect, and I chose the next tier.   I chose to incorporate the piped detail of the leaves going around the second layer and forming a heart with our initials in it. 

Open Air Wedding Chapels Texas

What would you say are some of your favorite wedding day memories? 

Seeing Adam as I walked down the aisle is definitely at the top of the list. When the doors opened on the sweet open aired chapel, and I saw him standing at the alter, it felt like everything disappeared. The only thing keeping me grounded was holding onto my dad, and walking me down the aisle. It was such a happy moment knowing that I get to spend the rest of my life with my best friend. 

I’d say too, that I succeeded in smashing the cake into Adam’s face before he got me. I’m very clumsy and slow compared to Adam, who was the fastest reflexes ever. I don’t think he considered it at first because he was being sweet and worried about my make up, but I took the opportunity and ran with it.  

Gruene Texas Wedding Party

Wedding Floral Arrangements

Who made your bridesmaids dresses? 

They were hand made and purchased on Etsy. I wanted the tulle maxi skirts and silk tank tops because I just loved the style and look of them.   They went so well with the venue and the airy feeling I was trying to achieve for our wedding.


Photos by Shy Laurel Photography

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