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John and Kaitlin's Special Day at Gruene Estate

Wow, summer is here and we are in the thick of it.  New Braunfels and Gruene are super busy.  Lots of tourist in town for the summer. 

This is a great time to come out and tour Gruene Estate if you are visiting the Hill Country, and looking for that perfect wedding venue.  In case you stumbled onto this page, Gruene Estate is Gruene's premier wedding and event venue.  We like to think of ourselves as a boutique wedding venue.  Truly a one of a kind venue in the heart of everything the Gruene and New Braunfels has to offer.  

Speaking of weddings, check out this beautiful video from Paper Ketchup Productions that we found of John and Kaitlin's wedding at Gruene Estate.  It is truly sweet, and we are so happy that we were able to be a part of their special day.  

Daniel and Lauren, A Spring Wedding!


Ya'll, we just recieved these amazing photos from Angela Lally Photography.  Daniel and Lauren's May event was absolutely beautiful, and the weather was so gorgeous.  We really enjoyed working with these guys and we wish them the best of luck.  Check out the photo gallery for some beautiful pictures of their day.

Spring has been so busy (which we're super thankful for),  and as we go into summer we have a lot of new and exciting things happening at Gruene Estate.  For starters, we are expanding the flag stone paving under our chandelier tree.  As we have shown in previous posts, this space has been used as a lounge, photo booth, and catering area.  The switch from gravel to flag stone will help pull the space together.  It will also allow us to move tables and chairs out there for additional seating.  

We are also excited to unveil our remodel at the Gruene Estate main house (pics to come soon).  We have been feeling that the decor is a bit dated and had a "your grandmothers house" feel to it.  We are switching more to a modern farm feel with clean lines and light colors.  Brides and brides to be are going to love the new vibe!   Stay tuned for some updated pics. 

Macy and Jeremy

Macy and Jeremy are the sweestest couple.  You can see it in all their amazing photos from Local Embers & Co.!  The love and admiration that they have for each other is inspiring.  Macy's from Houston and Jeremy is from the midwest.  They had a spiritual intiment ceremony that was centered around their faith.  It was absolutely beautiful.  

The floral was stunning and was done by Clementine Botanical Art in Austin.  We loved help planning this wedding, because Jeremy took an active role in the decorations and even built some props used for hanging the curtains (guys and future husbands to be, take notes).  It was so much fun to have both the bride and grooms vision create a special place for their event. Gruene Estate and our staff wish ya'll lots of love and we are so honored to have been part of their day!

ShastaGram Photo Booth, New Braunfels First Vintage Trailer Photo Booth

IMG 0047IMG 1210


ShastaGram Photo Booth is New Braunfels' first and only vintage travel photo booth.  This is an exciting new business venture that is a fabulous add on for brides at Gruene Estate as well as surrounding area venues.  The trailer is a true piece of vintage Americana that is vintage on the outside, yet sleek and stylish on the inside.  

Photo booths are a great add on for wedding receptions.  They are a fun and creative way to capture your events moments that would otherwise go unnoticed.  Many times, photo booths are tucked away in a corner, guests simply don't realize that they are at the event.  ShataGram's 1966 travel trailer cannot be missed.  This trailer was recently debuted at Gruene Estate and it stayed packed all night long.  It was a huge success and we are looking forward to many more events at the venue. Included in all packages are the following:

-Photo Booth Attendant

-Assorted Props

-Unlimited Photos with customizable logo

-Upload to social media

-Your events pictures on a online photo gallery



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