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A Little Pre-Wedding Game Plan

Wedding Day Planning

As an engaged bride- or groom-to-be, the big day is going to be here before you know it. You have the perfect venue picked out, your menu arranged, and your bridal party chosen. However, have you thought about all of the day-of details? Time is going to fly before walking down the aisle, so it’s important to ensure you’re prepared with all of the items you might need - applicable to both the bride and the groom!

For the groom

For the groom

Make sure you everything you need to complete your wardrobe, including accessories. Whether it’s a matching tie, pocket square or lapel pin, it’s important to coordinate with your bride and/or the rest of the bridal party.

Grooming products are always a good idea, whether it’s shaving that beard you’ve been growing out for months or simply reshaping. It could also come in helpful for fellow groomsmen that need a quick touch up to look their best.

Brides aren’t the only ones that need to have a good hair day for their wedding; grooms should too. Whether it’s a small dab of hair gel or some hairspray, be prepared with any hair products you might need.

Freshen up before saying “I do” with some mouthwash, floss, mints or even a travel toothbrush and toothpaste. It seems obvious, but make sure you don’t forget deodorant or your cologne. It can be easy to forget the essentials in all of the excitement.

Brides and grooms often give each other a small gift the morning of their wedding. It can be as simple as a heartfelt letter or as elaborate as a diamond necklace for her to wear down the aisle. Coordinate with your wife-to-be beforehand, so you can get each other a gift of equal value.

For the bride

For the bride

As brides get ready to walk down the aisle, one of the biggest “to-dos” is putting on the wedding gown. Make sure your gown fits flawlessly and ensure that you have the support you need for a long night of dancing by getting a a comfortable strapless bra option.  It’s also a good idea to wear the bra to your dress fittings beforehand for a flawless fit, since your seamstress or tailor will likely measure you down to the centimeter.

Just as with the groom, brides want their hair to look beautiful. Whether you’re doing an updo or wearing your hair down, have extra hair pins, a hair tie and a large clip on hand, especially for keeping hair out of your face as you get your makeup done.

Some makeup extras that you might want to include are some clear brow gel, finishing powder, setting spray and concealer. Your everyday makeup look might not hold up to the sweat and happy tears of your wedding. These items will help make sure everything stays in place down the aisle and onto the dancefloor.

Wardrobe malfunctions can happen, and often do. However, it’s nothing that a small sewing kit and wardrobe tape can’t fix. The wedding dress bustle is often something that goes, since a small thread typically holds up the entire train. With a needle and thread on hand if needed, you can be more relaxed as you tie up your dress after your ceremony.

Whether heading straight off to your honeymoon, going back to the hotel suite or heading home together, make sure you can comfortably transition out of your wedding reception into spending time with your new husband or wife. Pack a small bag with a change of clothes, makeup remover wipes and flip flops or flats. If you are going right to your honeymoon, make sure you have your license, passport and other necessities ready to go.

Bride and groom essentials are going to vary for everyone, and what’s on this list might not cover everything that you need as you prepare to walk down the aisle. Think ahead, give yourself time to get ready, and don’t be afraid to ask for help from those around you. After all, everyone is there to help you celebrate your big day.



Tom and Sarah's Elegant Hill Country Wedding

Weddings are such special events.  It is one of the few times in your life where a large number of people come to celebrate you, and only you!  Sarah and Tom are obviously well loved!  Originally from Houston, they had guest fly in from all over the country to celebrate their special day.

Their vision was to create a fun, laid back, and elegant wedding.  An event, consisting of an entire weekend of love and celebration, one that captured their personalities as a couple.  Sarah's design vision was to keep things simple by maximizing the beauty of the Gruene Estate and minimize the decor.  This vision came to life with floral arrangements and hanging greenery on Gruene Estate's french basket chandeliers.  The primary colors for the wedding were green and white, so that the colors meshed well with the venues existing greenery.  Dove grey and purple were strategicly incorporated into the design to add a pop of color. 

Their event had an elegant feel. Scattered showers were persistent throughout the day, so people were huddled together in the chapel, and stayed inside the covered pavilion throughout the event. It was a very special event with many personal touches.

TS 2006

Going with a formal and elegant look, we see Sarah's full length, sheath cut, charmeuse gown with a beateau neckline in front of Gruene Estate's historic Gruene family home built in 1856.   

TS 2051TS 2423TS 2435

Using purple and dove grey to add a pop of color to the event.  The brides maids wore dresses that have slightly varying necklines to add a subtle touch of mix and match!

TS 2477

Gruene Estate's original open air chapel in Gruene Texas.  Because of the venue's natural beauty and exisitng greenery,  Sarah and Tom chose to minimize the decor and instead use flowers and greenery to enhance the natural beauty.TS 2034TS 2440TS 2351

This four tier wedding cake by 2Tarts bakery in New Braunfels, is finished with white fondant icing and garnished with olive leaves.  This fit into Sarah and Tom's overall design of simple and elegant!

TS 2017TS 2750

This stunning ring designed by Steve Ventura of Creations Jewlery in Houston, is a round cut stone set on a white gold band with flowing French Pave diamonds!

TS 2297

Adding their own touch of flair, the groomsmen each chose their own dress shirt that represented their personality.  Tom, the groom, is a die hard Longhorn....hook'em horns!TS 2423

TS 2225

The wedding party is holding hand tied bouquets from The Bloom Bar.  Here we see snow ballet roses as the focal point of the bouquet and silver dollar eucalyptus and eucalyptus baby blue for the greenery.

TS 2201TS 2169

Tom and Sarah grew up together and have known each other since the 6th grade.  They didn't become good friends until college, and started dating when they both moved to Washington D.C.

Tom had planned on proposing to Sarah on a special day hike to Enchanted Rock.  When they arrived at the gate, they were told the park had reached capacity and was closed for the day.  Improvising, Tom found a serene Hill Country lake and proposed there. It was perfect.

TS 2152TS 2655TS 3061

TS 3074

The bride and groom leaving in Gruene Estate's vintage 1957 Chevy truck with Lonhorn decals.  Happily ever after!

Vendors Who Made The Day!

Photography: Peary Photography

Caterer:  Trudy's Tex Mex

Cake: 2Tarts

Band: London Calling

Jewelry:  Steve Ventura of Creations Jewelry 


A Gruene Texas Love Story


Y'all, grab a box of tissues, check out of work or the next 9 minutes, and witness a beautiful love story at Gruene Estate.  Natalie and Austin were such a fun couple to host.  Austin, is a New Braunfels native, and we have known his family for a long time, so it was fun to see lots of local folks at Gruene Estate.  Their wedding was the perfect melding of rustic charm and classic Hill Country wedding gorgeousness!

Natalie's lace, mermaid cut ,sleeveless gown with vail was absolutely stunning! Austin and his #guygang (hotty alert, there were some real cuties in this bunch) wore sophisticated formal suit jackets with vests and ties, but stayed true to their roots with jeans and boots!   Natalie arrived, and the couple left in vintage 1930's Chevrolet car.  There's too many details for a blog post, and it just wouldn't do it justice.  Watch the video, New Braunfels' own Wildflower Cinema did a great job capturing the night.  



Megan and Brandon's Rustic Chic Hill Country Soiree

Megan and Brandon were such a fun couple to work with.  They came to Gruene Estate with the vision of an event with the perfect balance of rustic elegance.  Knowing that slate blue was her primary color for her wedding, she chose to accentuate it with touches of burgundy and eucalyptus.  Achieving that perfect color balance,  their day and her design created a gorgeous Hill Country wedding!

Focusing on enhancing their guest's experience and having a party that represented their personalities,  Megan and Brandon specifically chose fun and creative vendor upgrades that kept their friends and family entertained throughout the night.  Beer burros, which were an absolute hit,  wandered through the property with saddle bags full of drinks, a full sized 1966 Shasta travel trailer photo booth, a live painter that painted the wedding as it was happening, and guests given Polaroid cameras to capture memories during the event.  All of these unique elements came together to create the perfect night!

Feature 0005

Gruene Estate's original open air chapel located in the quaint town of Gruene Texas.  Sitting on 15 acres of the original Gruene family farm founded in 1856, it is a one of a kind ceremony site.


Feature 0005

Beer Burros from Texas Hill Country Events were present for the cocktail hour and meandered throughout the event for guest to enjoy.   


Feature 0005

Adding a personal touch to their ceremony, Megan and Brandon braided a "chord of three strand".  This is a reference to Ecclesiastes 4:12, which says "though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves.  A cord of three cannot be easily broken."


Feature 0005Feature 0005

A unique design element was Meagan's cake from Pennington's Bakery in San Marcos.  Wanting a simple, bare, three tiered cake, similar to one that she had seen at a different even, Megan added burgundy accents and eucalyptus flowers drapped over the cake create the perfect look.  This design format, was used as a template for the rest of her decor.

Feature 0005

The grooms cake, a YETI cooler, was personalized with logos that were significant to him:  Spurs logo, cowboys logo, fraternity logo, college logo, high school mascot, and other memorable items!

Feature 0005

Megan and Brandon's rings were made by Robbins Brothers in Houston.  Her wedding ring is a simple band of white gold with a round cut diamond, classic and timeless.  The engagement ring is a French Pave style setting, which sets the diamonds in a way so it maximizes the amount of light that hits them from the sides.

Feature 0005Feature 0005

Megan's dress is a stunning full length lace gown with a sweetheart cut neckline from Ventura's Bridal in Houston.

Feature 0005Feature 0005

Using slate blue as the primary color in the design of her wedding, her brides maids are wearing long chiffron dresses with a one shoulder asymmetric neckline designed by Davids Bridal.

Feature 0005Feature 0005

Her bouquet, done by HEB Blooms, stays true to form.  Using burgundy carnations, white roses, and eucalyptus in a hand tied bouquet, its the perfect balance of color tone.

Feature 0005Feature 0005Feature 0005Feature 0005

Rachel Walter creates a live painting of the Baros wedding.  Megan's grandparents had given her money for her wedding but had passed away before it occured.  She used that money to purchase the live painter. On the tree in the painting, Rachel symbolicly painted in 2 cardinals which represent a messenger or someone watching over you.

Feature 0005

Vendors Who Made The Day:

Beer Burros: Texas Hill Country Events

Cake: Pennington’s

BBQ: Rudy’s 

Flowers: HEB Blooms

Photo Booth: Shastagram Photo Booth

Bartenders: Bartenders4you

Live Painter: Rachel Walter Art

Photography: Mint To Be Photography

DJ: Time of your life

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