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Sloane and Bo’s Rustic Chic DIY Fete at Gruene Estate

Sloane and Bo were such a fun couple to work with.  Their laid back and rustic event at Gruene Estate perfectly complemented their down to earth personalities.  Seeking a wedding experience that was fun, unique, and simple, there wedding at Gruene Estate was inspired by friends and family with unique touches that were gathered from places and memories from their time spent in Historic Gruene Texas and New Braunfels.

Special attention was given to vendors that they know and love. Their friends were involved every step of the way and helped inspire design throughout the entire event.  One of their closest friends acted as minister in the ceremony, and another was the lead singer in the band.

Always more concerned about others than themselves, Bo and Sloane paid special attention to ensure that their guest had a unique and fun experience at their wedding.  In addition to specialty drinks at the bar, each guest received their own jar of Rudy’s BBQ rub.  One of their favorite bar-b-que places in town.  Instead of the traditional photo booth, Polaroid cameras were given to guests along with a memory book for people to place pictures in, or to draw a memorable sketch.  Guests were involved in the ceremony in a fun and creative way!  Part of the ceremony involved friends and family telling their favorite stories about Bo and Sloane, or quoting their favorite movie lines that guest could relate to the couple and laugh about. 

Obviously a girl after our own heart, Sloane wore a white V-cut Vanessa Virginia dress from Anthropolgie.  Her beautiful dress and laid back style contrasted with the rustic elegance of our historic and original open air chapel was stunning!  Bo, wore a black vintage pinstripe waistcoat that had sentimental value and was passed down to him from his father.  One of the cutest and sweetest thing that we've seen in a long time:  When Bo met Sloane, he happened to be carrying a small tin of mints in his jacket.  Having the premonition that she was special, he saved the mint tin throughout their entire relationship and dating experience, and this tin was used to carry the rings down to the aisle to the alter!  Sentimental touches and a laid back style, created a one of kind wedding experience that matched their personalities perfectly!

Photos: Local Embers Photography

Caterer:  Adobe Verde

Cake: 2Tarts

Flowers: HEB

Rings: Etsy

Wedding Gown:  Anthropolgie

Hair and Makeup:  Stephanie Williams

Gruene Estate....2017 And Just a Few Hi-Lights!

2017 was such a fabulous year!  It was exciting to see different brides bring their own style and perspective to the venue.  Our recent remodel of the historic Gruene Estate farm house has helped to transform the home into a more open and modern prep area.  In addition to the remodel, we applied and received the Texas State Historical Marker!  This is a big deal, as we have always thought of ourselves as proud keepers of the Gruene family heritage and tradition. 

Events in 2017 seemed to be more dynamic and individualized with unique and creative touches.  Hopefully, this means that we are doing something right, because this speaks to our original vision, of creating a wedding venue which allows couples to have an authentic, one of kind boutique wedding experience in the heart of the Texas Hill Country.   

In addition to our remodel, this year also saw the creation of a sister business called ShastaGram Photo booth.  Photo booths are a popular add on at many of our events.  Found in a pasture in Seguin, we renovated a 1966 Shasta Travel Trailer and turned it into a mobile trailer vintage photo booth.  This now allows our brides the convenience of booking a unique vintage piece, that adds to the overall guest experience.  It has been a great addition to the Gruene Estate family.

2017 11 17 AbellWright 623

Photo by Whitewood Photography


Below are just a few hi-lights from some of our amazing weddings in 2017.  Of course none of this would be possible without our incredible couples, and talented vendors that helped make each and every wedding a success!  We're looking forward to a wonderful 2018.

2017 11 17 AbellWright 489

Stehanie and Will we're such a fun couple to work with!  Their wedding vision was captured so perfectly!  A rustic and authentic Texas wedding in historic Gruene that was subtly defined with unique touch of elegance.  Her dress, an perfect bateau neckline accented with a touch of lace.  His suit, a sophistacted and styish waistcoat with out the formal jacket!

Photo by Whitewood Photography

Photo Booth ShastaGram Photo Booth

Dj At Last Entertainment

Cake 2Tarts

IMG 1955


This is such a intimate photo of Ashlee and Chase in their getaway car. Loving the metaphor..."things that last,things that hold up!". This classic Cadillac has endured the test of time as has the Gruene family farm.  One hundred and sixty years and counting.  Love knows no boundaries of space and time and we look forward to many more historic and dazzling weddings! 

Photo by Davison George Photography

1778 411

One of our favorites!  Josh and Cassie in historic Gruene Estate's open air pavilion.  Elegance and vintage style in a rustic setting!  Loving Cassie's V-cut lace gown and vintage English circlet of flowers in her hair. Y'all, we're dying over how beautiful this picture is!

Photo by 1778 Photographie

Caterers Chelas Tacos and Garbos Seafood

Bar Bartenders4You

Design Bash Events

Vintage Rentals Loot Vintage Rentals

Photo Booth Silvercloud Photo Booth Trailer

Band Royal Dukes Band


Ashlee and Chase A Gruene Estate Chapel Wedding

Ya'll, Ashlee and Chase are so cute!  We recently received these gllery previews from their photographer Davison George Photography.  They did a chapel only ceremony at Gruene Estate.  We offer those on week days Monday to Thursday and they are a great option for smaller weddings.  These photos capture the joy, love, and romance of the ceremony.  We are having some major #hearteyes over these two!  We added both a short video slide show and the actual photos to the blog, so if you feel like it, pin-a-way!


Gruene Estate, A Texas Legacy

We are so proud of the fact that Gruene Estate is a historic property that continues to thrive as a business.  The Gruene family built their businesses with pride, ingenuity, and good old fashioned hard work.  Those same principles are still at work.  Times have changed, and although we are no longer farming cotton, those are the foundations of how we approach each wedding at Gruene Estate. Below is an excerpt detailing the history of the Gruene family's impact on our one of a kind community in heart of the Texas Hill Country: 

Arriving in Texas in the mid 1840s, German farmers became the first settlers of what is now known as Gruene, Texas. Ernst Gruene, a German immigrant, and his bride Antoinette, had reached the newly established city of New Braunfels in 1845, but acreage was scarce. Thus, Ernst and his two sons purchased land just down river, and Ernst built the first home in Gruene in early fachwerk style. His second son, Henry D. Gruene, built his home (now Gruene Mansion Inn) and planted his surrounding land with cotton. Having become the number one cash crop, the cotton business soon brought 20 to 30 families to Henry D.'s lands. 

Henry D. built houses in various styles -- a Victorian cottage (now Lone Star), a large brick home, and a frame house (now Gruene Haus) for the foreman of his farm. The first mercantile store (now Gruene General Store) was built in 1878 and a cotton gin (now Gristmill River Restaurant and Bar) powered by the Guadalupe River was added soon after. Further construction during this profitable time included a dance hall and saloon (Gruene Hall), which became the center of the community's social life.

As the town continued to prosper, new mercantile building (now Gruene Antique Company) sprang up in 1904. However, the death of Henry D. in 1920 marked the downfall of Gruene's development and good fortune. In 1922, the original cotton gin burned and was replaced by a modern electric model down the road (now Adobe Verde). Yet, the economic disasters of the boll weevil and the Depression were too much for the family businesses and they went under, except for Gruene Hall, which never closed (

The bridal suite, also known as the main house, is the house that is spoken of in the first paragraph.  I am reminded everytime that I walk into the guest bedroom and see the exposed fachwerk walls that we are keepers of a legacy.  This is important, because we continue to make history.  People are united in marriage every weekend, and new traditions and families are started all over again.  What a wonderful thing to get to be a part of!

Fun, easy, & relaxing.

Texas country charm is already built in.