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The Vendor Reveal Season 1

Are you currently planning your wedding or going to be planning a wedding, but have no idea what vendors to choose?  There are so many fabulous wedding vendors in the San Antonio and Austin metroplex, but if your new to the area or new to planning weddings, then it can be overwhelming. Gruene Estate has always tried to bring our brides, couples, and followers relevant information that helps solve their wedding goals.  Out of this desire to meet their needs, we have created a new program called The Vendor Reveal, live streamed weekly on our Instagram and Facebook page.  The concept behind the show is this:  As a venue, we see different vendors every week.  We are in the unique position to experience the services that each one of them provides.  Weekly, we stream live on our facebook and Instagram channels.  Viewer participation is encouraged in the form of live Q & A.  Our hope is that our couples will be able to put a face and name to the companys that they are working with.  We try to end each show with a helpful demo on every epsiode.  Season one is eight episodes long.  We try to go live every Tuesday 10 a.m.ish!

Sarah and Garrett's Romantic Gruene Texas Wedding

Envisioning a vintage, romatic, and fun wedding, Sarah and Garrett had a beautiful wedding day at Gruene Estate.  Initially, meeting through a chance encounter while enjoying an evening with friends, there was an immediate connection. Garrett, always thinking of the romantic details, surprised Sarah with a scavenger hunt engagement (thoughtful, creative, and sweet!)  There day was absolutely perfect!  Seeing her husband for the first time as she walked down the aisle, made all the nerves vanish as his comforting presence made her know that she is finally home!

Sarah Garrett Wedding 2018 332

What would you say are some of your favorite weddingday memories?

Seeing my husband for the first time. I was nervous all day and when I saw him all my nerves went away. As I said, I felt like I was home again when I could finally kiss him and know that everything was perfect again.

Sarah Garrett Wedding 2018 11


Sarah Garrett Wedding 2018 228


Sarah Garrett Wedding 2018 142

Sarah is wearing a full length lace gown from David's Bridal.  The trumpet silhouette cut dress with lace sleeves is absolutely stunning and elegant! 

Sarah Garrett Wedding 2018 18


Sarah Garrett Wedding 2018 414

What advice would you give to future couples planning their wedding?

Know that this day you are marrying your best friend and because of that, it will be perfect no matter what.

Sarah Garrett Wedding 2018 149


Sarah Garrett Wedding 2018 433


Sarah Garrett Wedding 2018 5


Sarah Garrett Wedding 2018 308


Photos By T&V Photography







Holly and Patrick's Rustic Gruene Wedding

Holly and Patrick had an intimate and beautiful wedding at Gruene Estate.  The inspiration for their day, was a rustic natural setting, with neutral tones that blended into the beautiful landscape that is Gruene Estate.  Wed in our original open air chapel, Holly and Patrick were meant to be from the very beginning.  Having attended high school together, but not actually knowing each other, they met after college at an event when Holly was home visiting family.  A courtship ensued. They soon realized that throughout their lives they were often at the same events and in the same social circles but did not know each other.  Knowing that Holly was "the one", Patrick proposed on a romantic Hill Country get away at Enchanted Rock.  We'll let them tell you in their own words what inspired them!

holly patrick 593



holly patrick 484

What would you say are some of your favorite wedding day memories?

We both loved every single part of the day! Some our favorite hi-lights are: getting ready with our closest friends, our first look, saying our vows to each other, ringing the bell as we left the chapel, keeping the dance floor going the whole night! (thanks to our awesome DJ), the joy we felt having our friends and family celebrate with us, roasting a s'more together, and riding away on the GE vintage truck at the end of the night.

holly patrick 134

What were some of your favorite wedding day details?: 

There were many, but to name a few: the altar piece at the front of the chapel with crosses and our "Cord of Three Strands" sign, eucalyptus garland at the bridal table, wooden centerpieces with small vases and candles, chandeliers over cake table, and furniture set up out on patio.

holly patrick 62

Who made or designed your dress?

holly patrick 45


holly patrick 346

What advice would you give to future couples planning their wedding?

The wedding is just one day, your marriage is forever. Spend more time preparing for your marriage than your wedding. Also, don't get caught up in every single detail,  just enjoy being with each other, friends, and family. If you aren't worried about all the little details before the wedding, you won't be worried about them the day of and you will be able to enjoy all the special moments!

holly patrick 615


Southern Tease (hair + make up)

Clayton Adams (DJ)

Heavenly Gourmet (catering)

The Crakes (photo + video)

Cathy Young (cake)

RJ Detailed (patio furniture)

HEB Blooms (floral)





Emmalee and Connor's Whimsical Gruene Estate Wedding

Emmalee and Connor's wedding was a magical event that was influenced by nature and the natural beauty of Gruene Estate.  Using flowers and greenery to create a whimsical feel, it was an event that was a celebration of love, friends and family. It was truly sublime!  

Israel Sneak Peek 17

How did you envision what the overall look or feel of yourwedding day would be?

I wanted it to feel very natural and welcoming. I wanted guests to walk in and feel like it was a space where they could have a great conversation with an old friend. 

Israel Sneak Peek 9

What would you say are some of your favorite weddingday memories?

I loved the moment where I got to watch my bridal party walk into the chapel ahead of me. I got to see my best pals looking fierce and walking towards my future husband, knowing that I was about to follow them. 

Israel Sneak Peek 18

What advice would you give to future couples planning their wedding?

I would say to just enjoy the process. There are so many fun and valuable moments that you get to experience together so enjoy them! Don't let it be stressful because it really doesn't have to be!

Israel Sneak Peek

Who made or designed your dress?

I bought my dress at Brides by Elizabeth in San Antonio. It was the best experience I could have possibly imagined. I was fairly specific in the vision I had for my dress, and they were absolutely amazing at making it happen. They had a beautiful selection of gowns and the women who work there are amazing seamstresses and can make the most detailed alterations. 

Israel Sneak Peek 6

Israel Sneak Peek 28

 Photos by Century Tree Productions

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