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Marc and Jess...Hill Country Wedding Fairytale


Marc and Jess, where do we even start.  They were such a fun couple to work with.  Theirs was a spring wedding, and rain was in the forcast all weekend.  While it did sprinkle a bit, the clouds parted and we were moisture free almost the entire evening.  Their fun loving personality and go with the flow attitude made the day so amazing (Take a look at their pictures, their personalities shine through!).

Surrounded by 250 friends and family members, they said "I do" in Gruene Estate's original open air chapel.  The dance floor was packed all night, and guests were having a great time.  A photo boothe by The Capture Photo Booth had guest in costume, capturing the best of moments.  Their getaway vehicle was a 1960's muscle car!  The day was perfect and Gruene Estate couldn't have been more proud to be a part of it.  We wish ya'll lots of love and the best of luck!

Gruene Estate is a wedding and event venue located in the Texas Hill Country in the historic town of Gruene.  Accomodating up to 250 guest for events, we are a one of a kind boutique wedding venue in the heart of Texas.  Call or email us today to tour the venue.  

Photos by Photography by Vanessa

Gruene's Original Open Air Chapel

When the vision for Gruene Estate began, we wanted to create something unique and different.  Since our property is the original historic homestead of the Gruene family, we knew that we had a responsibility to create something authentic.  We wanted to give couples the opportunity to have a truly incredible wedding experince at a state of the art facility, and at the same time stay true to our history and landmark status.

We always knew that we wanted to have an open air chapel, that would allow our guest to enjoy the intamacy of the space, but also relish the beauty of the open hay fields, longorns, and horses.  As luck would have it, we came across five gorgeous stained glass windows in the summer of 2012 at an auction in San Antonio.  The windows were removed from a church being demolished in Central England.  Alhough there was some damage to them in terms of broken panes of glass, we were able to restore them to their original state.  We had them appraised by a stained glass expert and his determination was that they were well over 100 years old!

What chapel would be complete without a bell tower? We searched far and wide for a bell that would fit astheticly with our design and history.  One company stood out amongst all the others, and we decided that Verdin Bells and Clocks was the right choice for us.  Their history matched our history.  Like Gruene Estate, their tradition of exellence stretches back well over 150 years.  Founded in 1842,  they have been producing bells that enrich communities and become cherished legacies for generations to enjoy.  The bell that was cast for Gruene Estate, is well over 300 pounds and will still be here when our childrens children inherit the land.  It is truly a remarkable piece, that couples are able to ring as they leave our open air chapel united in marriage.  

Gruene Estate's one of a kind open air chapel is Gruene Texas' premier wedding venue.  Our dedication to creating a truly one of a kind event experience can be found in our attention to detail and custom design.  Historic Gruene Texas finally has the perfect place to say "i do".  

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Weekday Wedded Bliss

He anxiously waits for his bride to join him at the altar of the beautiful open-air wedding chapel. Their close friends and family watch as she comes down the aisle, her eyes locked on his.

Gruene Estates has hosted hundreds of weddings at its premiere hill country location, where the beauty of the country and simple elegance converge to create the perfect backdrop for a dream wedding.

As couples plan their big day, there are so many decisions to be made – the dress, the cake, the caterer, and of course, the date.

Traditionally, weddings have been held on Saturdays, however, with brides and grooms looking for ways to cut down on the cost of their nuptials, many are planning weekday weddings.

Saying ‘I do’ on a day other than Saturday can mean big savings on all aspects of the big day. Caterers and DJs tend to have lower rates on non-peak days, which can equal big savings.

Choosing a weekday also means saving on the venue, and could also mean less wait time and more flexibility.

Worried about guests being able to get away from work to attend? Don’t!

Weekday weddings are ideal for those seeking an intimate gathering of close friends and family – those who couldn’t dream of missing your day!

With advanced notice, guests can also see savings for travel and hotel costs if traveling to come.

A weekday wedding just might be the perfect option; let the experts at Gruene Estates help you decide if planning your ceremony during the week is the way to go. 

Contact Us to set up a tour today.

Dance Circle Etiquette

Ok...I just had to post this!  I'm not sure if it's a joke or not.  I found it hysterical and it definitely made my Monday.

Since we personally attend ninety percent of the events at Gruene Estate, we get to see lots of dance moves.  Some are great, and some are not so great.  The important part is that everybody enjoys themselves.  Almost inevitably at every reception, the famous dance circle organicly forms and people are thrown in the middle.  Most of the time willingly, sometimes by peer pressure and force.  What to do if you find yourself in the middle of a dance circle?  Fortunately,  in this day and age, there's a how to video on Youtube for everthing!

Fun, easy, & relaxing.

Texas country charm is already built in.