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A Few of Our Favorites!

When we envisioned creating Gruene Estate, we wanted to do something different and original.  Located on 17 sprawling acres on what was once the Gruene family homestead, we wanted to stay true to the history of the property.  There are many venues in the Texas Hill Country, and alot of them appear to be new and relatively the same.  Our chapel was created with unique aspects that set it apart from other ceremony spaces.

The original design and concept was developed around our stained glass windows.  The five windows were found on a church in England that was slated for demolition.  When we received them, several of the panes were broken.  Our stained glass window repair man confirmed that they are most likely well over 100 years old, and that they are indeed from the North of England.  This was determined by the type of glass, which is distinctive to that part of the country.  In addition to the windows, our bell is hand crafted by the Verdin family in Michigan.  They are 6th generation bell makers that have been making bells since 1846.   Ringing the bell when a couple says "I do" is the perfect touch to the ceremony.  

Gruene Estate is a wedding and event center located in Historic Gruene Texas.  Our facility is the premier open air event center in the Texas Hill Country.  Call or email us today to schedule your tour. 

Mike and Lauren a Gruene Estate Wedding!

I adore weddings at Gruene Estate. From the adorable open-air chapel to the quaint cottages to the rustic charm of the reception area surrounded by cattle and horses, this place is a dream to photograph!
Mike and Lauren got married here a little less than 6 months ago (gasp! sorry for getting so behind on the blog!!), and I loved all the thought Lauren put in to the details. She and Mike even had Fredericksburg peaches as gifts for their guests. Let me tell you – photographing their rings amongst the peaches was the most delicious smelling wedding ring shots I’ve taken all year. Sigh…and now it’s fall, and I can’t get a delicious peach, and now that I can’t stop saying peach, all I want is a peach. Or peach pie. Or oh! I do have a peach yogurt…TO SEE THE FULL GALLERY...CLICK HERE!

Vintage Rustic Table Settings at Gruene Estate

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We love watching brides come to Gruene Estate and decorate our venue.  Each girl makes the venue their own, and it is so much fun to see a wedding take shape and refect each brides pesonality.  Our hand made tables from reclaimed Mid-Western barn wood make the perfect canvases to create some beautiful rustic center pieces.  We have gone back through some of our past weddings and selected some our favorites.  

Gruene Estate is a beautiful wedding and event center located in Gruene Texas.  Vintage rustic hill country weddings are our specialty.  Our original open air chapel and pavilion can accomodate up to 250 people.  Come and say "I do" at the most exquisite venue in Texas

Gruene Estate Table Decorations


One aspect of owning a wedding venue is that it is so much fun to see brides come to Gruene Estate and make the space their own.  Each bride has a different personality and look that defines their event.  It reminds me that each and every one of us is unique, beautiful, and different.  

Gruene Estate provides the perfect vintage look that many brides are trying to find. Our hand made wooden tables from reclaimed barn wood and rustic bistro chairs encapsulates that rustic hill country feel.  Each bride creates a different center piece, that meshed well with our house decor.  Their personalities are reflected in the most creative ways.  We thought it would be fun to do a few series on table center pieces from past brides every week.  A few snap shots from some of our favorites!   

Fun, easy, & relaxing.

Texas country charm is already built in.